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The following is from Chris Newhouse who sourced his Subaru Impreza WRX 5 door

Through NEWERA too:


I thought I'd write and thank you for everything both you and Newera have done to make my dream of owning a Subaru a reality. The car you chose is probably the one I would have chosen if I'd have been looking. It is everything I could have wished for and more, words cannot explain the driving pleasure I am getting from it, I have already done 7,000 miles in it and it has not given me a second's trouble.

Thank you again for all the work you put into it, I hope we can buy another car again in a few years time.


The following is from Paul Livesey, who wanted an FTO to thrash about in and cover high mileage.
We found him a very well priced car, albeit in better condition than he'd anticipated:

Dear Miguel,

It's now a month and 3,500 miles, since I picked up my FTO from Canterbury and about time that I thanked you properly for sourcing such a wonderful car.

The appearance of the car both inside and out can only be described as stunning. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't adore it. Its performance is equally impressive and is nothing other than a joy to drive.

So far we've only had two real problems. I had to spend an hour or so dismantling the plastic around the gearlever/radio to find the power lead to the cigarette lighter (for the mobile phone/mini-disc player) which had become disconnected, so nothing serious there.

Oh yes, two of the bottom three rails of the rear demist don't work. As this is exactly where the spoiler sits I don't care.

These little problems really pale into insignificance when compared to my absolute joy with the car. I honestly thought that with an eight year old car that I'd never seen or driven, I'd have more to worry about than this. I certainly did not expect it to be in "as-new" condition. You have found a great car and I cannot thank you enough. Credit here must also go to Newera's UK agents

who did a fabulous job of valeting and polishing it, it still smells wonderfully of polish a month later.

I believe that one of my friends has already contacted you a week or so ago about getting an FTO as well. He saw mine, sat in it and put his RAV 4 up for sale the next week. Two other friends are also very interested. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to all and sundry.

I wish you every success with your future work and hope to be using your services again soon, hopefully next year for the other half's MX5 (bleurgh), while I still hanker after an Evo 6, but she thinks they're ugly and Scooby's are just ten a penny around here. We'll see in another year or two when the FTO is knocking on 100 - 150 thousand miles.

Many thanks for your time and effort,
Paul R. Livesey

Below is a reply from Dino Micouris, owner of the UK 's most powerful Rev 3 Turbo MR2 - to a message posted on the IMOC website, following a bad experience from someone who didn't use Newera Imports.

Although Dino didn't source his MR2 from us directly, his car was originally the one we supplied to Rob Ferris (See other testimonials - Rob is now on his 3 rd car from Newera Imports..An Sti 5 Type R).


I'm sorry to hear the problems you had. Hope it hasn't put you off Imports, though. I reckon that you should publish the company's (and any individual's!!!) name on the list, so that this doesn't happen again to anyone else. If you're worried about repercussions about going public, then
refer to your story as your "own personal experience", and then say it is your "personal opinion" that this company should not be touched with a barge pole! I have no time for Cowboys, and I don't think many others on the list do, either!!

By the way, if you are interested in a really good import agent, then I can recommend no one better than Newera Imports. Miguel, the MD - is resident in Japan & buys all cars himself - as it turns out, most other supposed UK importers/dealers actually use Newera's trade department to source their cars too.
Miguel has bought for quite a few people on IMOC that can vouch for his services, including Rob Ferris on this list, whose car I now own.

I gave Miguel and his UK partners a REAL HARD TIME before placing my order (Which I had to subsequently cancel due to personal constraints), and the truth is, they are probably the best you can find. They are not the biggest of companies, but then this has the added benefit of giving you a much more personal service. Miguel is a hardened car enthusiast, and really knows his stuff.

New Era's Website is at http://www.neweraimports.com

This is the message Dino replies to (above), which was posted to the IMOC-UK list


Just a quick note about a long story. Basically I went to Japan in June with a view to buying an MR2 turbo. I got in touch with a dealer over the net spent 4 days there - didn't find the car but left a deposit with the guy. Eventually the guy has a car and we just missed the July boat. He faxes me an inspection document from a  Toyota dealer and the whole thing is going OK.

I try and get the guy to send the documents several times without success he saying he had problems etc. By this time I am getting worried and finally he DHL's the documents.

I go and pickup the DHL but inside the package there is nothing but blank sheets in there.

At this point I start freaking out and the guy sends me this message that there is someone in their

Company stealing cars etc (a load of BS) and faxes me a whole load of deregistration documents and the bill of loading which I fax straight away to the shipping company's clearing agent in the UK . The shipping Co. info rm me the next day that the document is a fraud and to contact the shipper immediately also at the same the time. The Jap Company's web site all of sudden goes down. I sent a message to the group and Jay NG replied and got me to fax all the documents to him so he can pass it on to his partner in Japan and threaten these guys with legal action.

Today somehow in a miracle, the money is back but it caused more than a few grey hairs and sleepless nights over it the company was a total fraud. I even visited them for God's sake!!

All I can say is without Jay NG, my money would have never come back.

Thanks Jay for everything and your help during this mess.


The following message is from Peter Martin, with his initial inquiry. Peter subsequently sourced his FTO GPX through us, though at the time of writing he hasn't collected it yet, so we don't have his verdict yet..We know it'll be good as usual.

Dear Miguel

I wonder if you can help having just spoken with Jennifer in Newera's UK office.

I'm looking for an FTO GPX Mivec Tiptronic, and spending a maximum of £7500.

My current situation is that I have just sold my car, and am very keen to replace it with an FTO ASAP. I understand that your business relies on taking specific orders from customers, finding the right car in Japan, and importing on that basis. This I am happy to do, but if I can shortcut the
fairly lengthy process in any way, it would be a real bonus.
Car details
I am fairly flexible with regards colour, except I don't want a flat non-metallic like red, white, yellow, black etc. I'm not overly keen on the Dolphin grey either, but would go for that if that was all that was immediately available. I would much prefer a bright metallic silver, metallic burgundy, metallic blue etc.

I am happy with the standard GPX specification, however, if a car has modifications like a rear W/W, 17" alloys, lowered, improved seats, CD etc. etc, that would be a bonus.

I would also want the car to be fitted with a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm, de-restricted, and fully UK road legal.

I've seen a number of cars, from traders and the private market, but have been very disappointed with their condition, and people trying to sell cars that are far from what I would call 'good' condition. All so far have been over priced and have carried varying degrees of accident damage - the market seems to be awash with dishonesty.

The reason why I want to do business with Newera is because I've been very impressed with the recommendations I've read on the internet, and the way in which you present yourselves as being very open and honest, based on supplying the very best cars to your clients. My expectations of the right car are very high, and what I want is absolute value for money. I believe you can deliver this.

What is the best course of action from now on, and can you help?

I look forward to your reply.

With regards

Peter's subsequent message to us after receiving his FTO.

Dear Jennifer & Miguel

Having had the FTO for a couple of weeks, I've had time to take a good look over it. The general condition of the car is excellent considering it's mileage, and is far better than any FTO I'd seen in the UK whilst trawling through the numerous available private and trade cars prior to contacting you - many of those cars were for sale at anything up to 8750K, and still failed by some distance to reach the quality of the vehicle Newera supplied.

The level of service Newera provided me from start to finish has been outstanding. The initial quoted price of the car never changed throughout the transaction, and the degree of additional work undertaken by Newera has been excellent. In other words, in areas where shortcuts to reduce your overheads could have been taken, they were not.

Apart from worn rear anti-roll bar tie rods, and a rattling fuel tank breather pipe, the presentation and overall condition of the car is outstanding. This work I will have done at a local garage.

I would like to thank each of you for your time and effort invested into ensuring the delivery of a quality vehicle. I would also like to assure you that I would not hesitate to do business with Newera again in the future, and would thoroughly recommend your organisation to anyone with a serious interest in importing a foreign vehicle.

Quite simply, Newera delivers its promise......now isn't that overwhelmingly refreshing!

Thank you

The following are threads from discussion forums elsewhere on the internet where Newera has been mentioned. We cannot guarantee these will remain viewable indefinitely, but will endeavour to show more links as we become aware of them.

Please also see Billing photos (Newera's 5th Anniversary gathering of customer's cars Aug 2003) posted on the net by some of our supporters & clients:

Since 1998 many customers have embraced our system & fully experienced the benefits of having their car sourced directly by Newera in Japan . We hope that you too will enjoy Newera Difference and therein choose us to supply your own specially selected Japanese Car.

Contact us now only if you are serious about sourcing your next car through NEWERA IMPORTS



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