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Andy Howard sourced a Celica GT-4 through an order with Newera. Here's his verdict.

Hi Miguel,

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for supplying me with such a great car. I know it's been 4 months since I bought it from you. But I have just realised I haven't thanked you. My mates are very

She is running superbly and just claimed it first Sierra Cossie today :)

My girlfriend is so impressed with it she uses it more than me :( This is mainly the reason for this email. I may have to source another gt4 or something different from you, 'cause she's thinking about buying it)!

Hopefully, in the not to near future I will be contacting you to start looking for a replacement. Don't know what I will probably have about £12500 to spend. (I have started working shifts, supporting systems is
Singapore , now so I get more £ :), hence the email at 5:44am ) I may go for a RX7 or GT4 or Supra, cannot decide.

I hope business is going well and I'll speak to you shortly about my next purchase. :)

Once again thanks.

Andy Howard

Adrian Forbes , best known in MR2 circles bought his Evo 6 through Newera. He wanted a standard car in metallic blue, immaculate throughout. We found him just the car. He's still very happy with it..Scotland is of course an awesome place to own such a beast!

Hi Miguel. 

Sorry I didn't get in touch sooner but it's been a bit hectic on the EVO front :)  I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that the completion of the Evo all went fine (with the exception of some insurance hiccups that delayed matters a few weeks).  Since picking it up I've had it checked/serviced and been on a week's driving holiday around Scotland and the car is absolutely fine and I'm loving it. 

Nice one! :)

Howard Orrom ordered his N/A MR2 Rev 3 after hearing many recommendations about Newera. We got him a beautiful metallic Green example, of rare hue.


Just did an oil+filter change - it's like a new car under there. The sticker on the cam belt cover has some Japanese characters and '100,000km' - so I think it's a pretty safe bet that it won't have been changed yet. When I've sold the Mk1 and the Corolla I'll probably pay the local Toyota dealer to do the job.

Hilary is the main driver - and she likes the colour. As she's needed my Citroen Xantia to take her mother (93) around recently, I've probably had the MR2 about 50% of the time so far - but that won't last.  Had a pleasant MR2 Drivers Club meet today - and a crowd of us are going to Belgium at the end of July - with some going on to Nurburgring. I wonder if John's taking the RX7........

I'll try and keep in touch from time to time - and will send a photo as soon as I get a good one.

All the best,


Marc Gannon (One of our very first customers in 1998) wanted a Skyline R33 GT-R that would blow his proverbial socks off. We found him a GT-R with 600 bhp + radically tuned by HKS. This was Rob's second car from us. He'd sent us a lot of different people, so we wanted to get him something special..Rob has done an indicated 200 mph. in his car since receiving it and hasn't wanted anything else, thank Goodness!

Hello Miguel

I have managed to pull myself from the GTR for five minutes to send you a message...
Fu--ing awesome mate... If you think the 1 bar setting is quick you should try it on the 1.2 bar setting... Second gear side ways drift.!!
The car is solid, handles like you said and I'm not even used to it yet!!!
Went to the drag strip yesterday, I couldn't get a good run out of it, it played up a bit... still quick as buggery getting to about 120mph in 1/4
mile... Anyway Miguel, thank-you very much for this awesome beast. I absolutely love it...

I will reply to you soon in more detail when the phone call is on cheap rate....... need to save the money for petrol!


A message from Henning, who runs FDUK - to a potential RX-7 buyer.

There is a very good importer of Japanese cars called Newera. The guy that runs Newera, Miguel, knows about 3rd gen. RX-7's and rotaries. Given a decent budget / price he will be able to find you a really good example for that price. If you are interested I can give you his e-mail address. Don't feel like you HAVE to buy something from him if you contact him, but once you talk to him you will want to anyway. *grin*


This message was posted to the IMOC-UK list by Martin Howell.

Martin Eventually got a lovely 1995 MR2 G-Limited for well under his budget, through NEWERA..

Well, boys and girls, its time to start the hunt for my new motor, an imported NA, 94 or 95 vintage. Some assistance would be helpful, as follows:

1) What colours are available in Japan for these models? Anyone know?
2) I have been looking for importers and there are millions of the buggers. I have identified a couple that look promising, but it would be very handy to have recommendations and/or warnings form any of you
out there who have gone down this route before. Can we have a quick run-down of who has dealt with which importer, and what the results were?

The ones I have identified as looking promising are:

Discount Cars (near me in Exeter , but seems to be a 2 man operation with
a flashy web site);

Newera Imports (resident buyer in Japan );

Mike Watson
(seems to be a one-man band, but lots of past customers mentioned,
though all people I never heard of!);

Trade One. There is also a place called Passey Porter near me in Weston Supermare, and another in Plymouth, that seem to import cars en masse and sell them off the forecourt - I suspect that they might pick up the dogs, ponce them up and sell them on at a profit?

Oh, and once the new car is organised, I will need to flog the old one. Anyone know of a potential buyer for an 88 in good nick, ready for sale around October I guess?


The following is a reply from Rob Ferris , at the time, the proud owner of a 1994 MR2 GT Turbo T-Bar in Silver.

I will do my usual of flying the flag for Miguel at New Era Imports. In my experience he has a 100% record of providing the very best example for whatever budget is available. Its double figures of happy owners who I know have bought through him now.

I waited about 5 weeks for Miguel to get mine and was getting really impatient but he will only get exactly what you are after and it is always worth the wait. I missed the April boat and had to wait an extra month for mine to be sent, I think I sent over the deposit in April and took delivery in Mid July, so there was a long wait but it was very much worth it. I can't recommend Miguel highly enough to be honest. He is a very reliable guy, he lives and works in Japan and he sees cars all day every day. This gives him the perfect opportunity to only buy the very best available. First and foremost he is an enthusiast and will only supply something he would be happy with himself.

Regards, Rob Ferris.

The following is a comment from Martin Howell himself, after he received his car:

I have nothing but praise for Miguel and the car he got for me. He has been most attentive and found me exactly what I wanted at the right price. I will have no hesitation in buying another car from him in the future.

The following is a message from William Gray for the first Pajero Exceed he received. Unfortunately this car was involved in an accident whilst in France on holiday & was subsequently written off!!

William promptly ordered a replacement from Newera, of course.

Dear Miguel

I collected the Pajero yesterday and drove it home. I want to say, FANTASTIC. What a beautiful car, I was really particular about what I wanted and I was a little skeptical that you would find it exactly as I described. Well, you did, it is absolutely perfect.

Miguel, I fully expect to be quizzed by various friends on how I went about sourcing and importing this car. As I said to you I made the myself guinea pig for this venture and I don't mind admitting that I was apprehensive about trusting someone on the other side of the world to buy me a car that I would have chosen for myself.

Well, the experiment was a success! I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is seriously thinking about importing a car for themselves.

I will end by saying thank you to, you and Newera for finding me my car. I hope you will still be around in a few years time because I really fancy one of those MX5's.

Good luck to you in your business and my warmest regards - William Gray.

This is a message from Glen Watson, who recently bought the modified Supra GZ Aerotop as seen on our website's Examples Of Cars Supplied / Sold Section.

Hi Miguel,

Well I picked up the supra from Motormall today. I must say it really does look awesome in the metal. Best looking one I've seen. Apart from the 4 hour motorway journey back home (very comfortable), I haven't had too much chance to drive it yet, but the weekend should see to that.
David at Motormall reckons it seems a lot more powerful than standard and I believe him. Don't remember the one I test drove being quite so eager! The condition of the car is superb. Everything I had in mind and more. I do have one question for you though. Where did you hide the key for removing the roof? David and I have looked in all the obvious places but we can't
find it. Thanks again for finding me the car I really wanted at such a good price. If you could let me know about that roof key that would be great.

Best wishes,
Glen Watson

Below is a message from Geoff Williams, for whom we sourced a mint condition - Silver 1995 standard condition Mr2 Rev 3.

Hi Miguel,

Just a quick note to let you know that I picked up my MR2 from Motormall and am very pleased with the car, it was an excellent example and after the repair work was done(spraying) it looks superb.
You were right when you said the spray man was good. Many thanks for your prompt attention at all times and I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a buyer and already have a number of friends interested in contacting you.

All in all - excellent, Thank You!


The following is from Mark Bilby, who ordered a 1995 Subaru WRX, then got one for much less than he'd anticipated.

Dear Miguel

Well, what can I say!
Picked the Subaru today and drove it home 250 miles with a grin from ear to ear.
What a car! The pictures you took did not do it justice. I love it.

Thank you so much for finding the car and your help throughout. I must admit I did find it concerning at the beginning handing money over for a vehicle I hadn't seen, as you can probably appreciate. But now it's all completed and seeing the vehicle I have no doubts in dealing
with your professional and helpful service again.

Kind Regards

Mark Bilby

The Following is a message from Andrew Clark, who got his standard condition Pulsar GTI-R from us:

Dear Miguel, Jennifer and Paul,

after finally returning to the country from 3 months of hard work, it was a delight to find everything in perfect place to pick up my new car from David Westgarth , at Motormall in Canterbury . I am just letting you know that your services and great help have brought me a fantastic car, teething problems aside (electric windows not appreciating freezing English weather!) it really is an incredible car for incredible value with the greatest of ease and confidence of purchase.

Admittedly itchy credit cards forced the purchase of an HKS induction kit, Silkolene octane booster (highly recommended) and new alpine stereo system BUT only due to the terrific value of the car. All the tales of GTI-R's don't do the car justice in light of its' actual performance, handling and overall capability.

So, many thanks again for your great service and advice in finding me a great car and providing a month long cheesy grin (so far!). Your services have already been recommended and will continue to be, I hope to be able to do business with you again when my funds recover a little (STI type-R?).

Many thanks and looking forward to being able to contact you again,

Andy Clark (Delighted GTI-R owner).

The following is from Duncan Mitchell, who sourced his 1993 SWB Pajero Diesel from us.

Dear Miguel,
At last I have a happy wife!
The Pajero you sourced finally arrived on our doorstep last night. It really is loaded with extras!

But I wouldn't argue with this machine, as we know from experience. A Shogun demolished the back end of my car just before Christmas! There wasn't a mark on the Shogun!

Miguel, we would both like to thank you for all your help and professionalism. We are highly delighted with the car and will certainly recommend you to our colleagues and friends. In fact my accountant Robert Grieves may well be in touch about a sporty model (a car that is!).
Please keep in touch Miguel, with what's going on at Newera and when I change my car you will be first on my list to contact.

Best Wishes,
Duncan and Helen Mitchell.

The following was an e-mail kindly copied to Miguel, by Steve Foster- Jon es, when someone contacted him to ask about Newera.

My GT-4, well what can I say...

It's a 1992 ST185 wide body (same flared arches as RC/CS cars) but being a Jap it has 225 bhp (RC/CS in Japan approx 240bhp UK cars only approx 205bhp). 92,900kms, black, auto a/con, electric drivers seat, mirrors, windows, 10 speaker "live sound system" with cd.r/cass single head unit. Completely standard and straight, no mods except for Hart Racing 2 piece split rim alloys
- but how long this remains the case... For an older car this is mint - a couple of stone chips/scratches but not noticed till I started to clean the car i.e. get up close and personal.

I know how off-putting it can be trusting someone on the other side of the world and the only contact generally being an e-mail. But Miguel is 100% honest and trustworthy. No doubt he does make a good income through the many trade cars Newera provide each month, but with the personal imports he takes his time, asks you what you want - they provide an order form, and then if he spots something at an auction he will pay it particular attention. He advised me of and rejected 5/6 cars - some of them sounded glorious and I even considered upping my budget, but he kept my feet on the ground - before he bought the one I have.

Newera's team in the UK are as professional as Miguel and really know their stuff. They will all take v.good care of you - all you have to do is decide what you want, part with the deposit and wait...how easy is that!

By the way I know at four other people who have between them bought five cars from Miguel in the last two years - all at least as good as mine and one or two are better; '96 Impreza WRX STi, ' 94 MR2 Turbo T-Bar, '95 FTO GPX, '94 Skyline GTS Turbo & '91 Pulsar GTi-R.

That's about it, if there's anything else let me know.

Best wishes,


The following message was sent by Martin Shiogelola, after he collected his Toyota Lucida from our agent's premises in Canterbury :

Hi Miguel,

Good day to you, sorry that I have not returned your mail since you sent it, I did not check my mail for some time because I was a bit ill.

Just to let you know that I picked up my LUCIDA G FULL TIME 4WD, On Wednesday evening and the car look absolutely superb. I really like the car, is just as exactly as what you said, you are definitely a man of your word. I am very happy with the car and the high level of equipment that the car has got, my wife and my children love the colour so much!

The alloy wheels were so perfect with the car - glad that I did not change it to a standard Lucida alloys. The after market hifi is very nice too. The car has even got some bonuses: Remote central locking, cup holder, LCD TV screen which when I switched on through the remote control was working but don't know how it works. I will find it out anyway.

David & his wife were very nice & helpful too. He says if I have any questions, I should let him know. Though we had difficulty in locating where he is - eventually I collected my car.

I have kept the car in the drive way and it looks so nice. I haven't shown the car to my friends yet but I know if I do, they will want something from over there.

I just want to thank you for all what you did in getting me a very nice car, though I don't know you, but God directed me to your company out of the ones that I found. I was able to trust you, because in any business is not the amount of money that you make that counts but trust and the spirit that you transact the business and God Almighty will exhault your business and your family.

By the way their is a web site which I've just joined which is devoted to Estima Owners, I wish to share my experience through Newera Imports with them which in turn will be of benefit to your company. Please let me know what you think.

I will keep my eyes open to anyone trust worthy who will be interested in sourcing good personal import because I know when people see my car they will want something similar.

Thank you very much for everything and I will keep in touch. I look forward in sourcing another car from you soon God willing.

Kindest regards

Martin & Family.

Kenneth MacRae wanted a Rev 3 T-Bar Turbo. We got him a 1995 (N) in black, his first choice. Here's what he thought:

Dear Miguel,
Just to let you know that I collected the MR2 on Saturday from Motormall, who picked me up from the train station. It was a 520-mile test drive back home and the car looks and drives great. Although, there was a slogan across the rear window about being a Man in Dandism. Definitely not safe in Paisley !
Anyway I'm really pleased with the car.

Thanks for everything!

Best Wishes
Kenneth MacRae

The Following is from Andrew Johnson. NEWERA sourced an immaculate 1995 MR2 T-Bar in metallic blue for him:

Hi Miguel
You will be unsurprised to hear I've had no problems with the car and still smile every time I see it. The only problem is that I have racked up around 3500 miles in the past 6 weeks.
I've passed your name on to several people and I know of at least two that have placed an order. I'll be expecting a discount then I come to order that Turbo in a year or so :)

Thanks again for the car



The Following is a letter from Geoff Adams, who sourced his 1996 FTO GPX 5 Speed Manual from NEWERA.

Hi Miguel,

Well, the FTO was finally ready, and we picked it up on Saturday. I have to say it's very cool........the manual is miles better than the Tiptronic. In the 'tip you really didn't get any appreciation of the rev range or the character of that fantastic engine. In the manual you
get to enjoy a third gear that stretches from 20 to 80mph, and with a perfectly ample amount of torque too - luvvvverly.... Overtaking on British A roads simply isn't a problem at anything under the legal limit.

A final payment of £1436 was made to cover the Alarm/Immobiliser/Tracker. And service, under sealing, picking up from Portsmouth , and the conversion work. Hence total cost of the FTO was about £7,900, not bad when you think that includes £495 for the alarm.

Downsides? The steering has a dead spot around the straight ahead, and ours is very sensitive to camber (my pet hate remember!). The exhaust could do with a Skyline style 'loud' button too, but my driving licence is probably safer without it! :-)

Do you know if there's a leather steering wheel available for the FTO? The standard one is dimpled plastic, ick...... So if I order an FTO Version R how much different to Elaine's will it be? ;-)

Overall though, thanks mate! Elaine is very chuffed......Geoff.

The Following is a letter from Leo Massey, who wanted a Toyota Hilux 4-Cab Pickup with automatic transmission.

Difficult to find a good one, as these are often abused - but we found him a gorgeous example:

Hi Miguel - sorry for being so remiss in not contacting you sooner - it's the pressure I'm under from the supreme commander to complete an enormous number of tasks before Christmas!

BUT I have the truck and I'm delighted with it.

We took it to France and I'm impressed - 85mph at 3000 rpm and with bags of power in reserve. It handled excellently - and whilst I didn't push it too much - it could flirt a bit with the corners if you pushed it a bit too much - due to the size of the tyres and it not being loaded - it was what I would call skittish.

- you've done a good job for me and I am grateful - thank you very much. I have booked the truck into my local mechanic for a full service including changing the cam belts, oil changes, brake drums, etc. in other words the full service so that I can start off with a clean slate and the start of a service history - at least it will give me the confidence to roar off where ever I want to and know that everything has been fully checked. You mention the Passion Wagon in your e-mail and there is no doubt driving around in it has created a considerable amount of interest but practically all the interest has come from fellas - and that is definitely not my bag. I also took it into the local Toyota dealer to see about extras - such as tonneau covers and he was well impressed and said that they could not supply anything approaching the specification that I had on this truck. The biggest problem I have at the moment is trying to translate the Japanese manuals and also
trying to set the clock on the radio - hey - what an audio entertainment centre - what with remote controllers - on a truck for Christ's sake! I'm still working on the clock and will solve the problem eventually. I managed to interest one bloke - a friend on mine - who may be contacting you
regarding a Subaru sports car. I also have someone else who would love a truck like mine but has to go to work on the Missus before he can take it any further. If I can get any potential sales contacts for you in the future I will do my best - but I am no longer lean and hungry - which takes
the edge off doing business -however I do wish you all luck and success in your future endeavours.

Once again many thanks - Leo

The Following is from Mark Mitchell for whom we got a 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX 5 Door
In as new condition:

Hi Miguel.

Sorry I have not got back to you but work in the brewing industry has gone bonkers!

THE CAR IS FANTASTIC. That just about sums it up; the drive to France was a real eye opener as to the performance of the car, much better than I thought. A very solid car.

Last but not least thank you very much for finding the car.

Regards Mark.

The Following is from John Peden, who sourced his 1993 Sunny GTI-R in immaculate condition

Through NEWERA:

If you haven't heard of Miguel before then read on. Miguel is a car buyer in Japan who has/is sourcing a number of MR2 for many members of this list.

I think it is fair to say that Miguel was found by Rob Ferris who used him to buy his MR2 6 years ago. It takes a lot of courage to send a couple of thousands of pounds around the world for a car you have just seen a picture of, so after Rob had taken the plunge and I saw the results of a really nice car for a very good price I vowed to do a personal import for my next car.

Now I didn't want to part with my 2 but I knew someone who wanted to part with their Nova. So we decided to replace it with a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (i.e. four wheel drive, 227 BHP, WRC-homoglation, Sunny). Initially we tried to source one in the UK but they were all overpriced crashed damaged tosh, so I asked Miguel how much our ideal car would cost. Two days later I got a call to say he had found one and did I want it (Miguel claims it was his fastest sale ever as I hadn't even asked him to look for one). Anyway the crux of the story is that the car has arrived after a hassle free couple of months, its on the road and is just as good as Miguel said ... in fact its slightly better as we bought it without service history which it arrived with a full history and it cost about 600 pounds less than the original estimate.

So if you are a patient buyer then it is worth investigating a direct import from Newera.


And some more from John Peden:

Hi Miguel

I have finally picked up the GTI-R and I must say I am very impressed, it was just as you promised - mind you I did manage to find a stone chip :-) and while we bought it without any history it actually has a pretty full one with only has a 4000 km gap (it was due a service at 50000
and had one at 540000) so am well chuffed. The total cost was under your estimate as well so even managed a new set of tyres and road tax within the original estimate.



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