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Neil Allen wanted an automatic RX-7 Type X (Full Touring Spec) in standard condition. Auto - so that his wife could also drive it. We sourced exactly what he was after for a lower price. Here are his comments:

Hi Miguel,

It finally arrived on Saturday!  Bad timing on the final work - as soon as I went on holiday, I just knew they'd finish preparing it whilst I was away, but I managed to get over to Motormall on Saturday & it's now
sitting on my drive having put a couple of hundred miles on it over the weekend.

You asked me to let you know what I thought, so:
a) It looks absolutely stunning - Motormall did a great job with the paint & valet - the condition is really impressive for a 10+ year old car.
b) It goes like an absolute rocket!

Thanks for all your help with this - I slept about 2 hours the night before I picked it up & have been like a 4 year old on Christmas morning ever since!


Iain Matthews wanted a Silver GTR R33 V-Spec with stage 1 mods. Here's his verdict after collecting his Skyline.

Hi Miguel,

I picked my car up on Thursday last week. It is in excellent condition and I am very pleased. Adam at Motormall was very helpful and the car was in perfect condition when I picked it up. My girlfriend's jaw hit the floor when she saw it.
There is one slight problem in that the HICAS light is coming on when on long motorway journeys, but then goes out again when I return to "A" roads. I have the car booked into Abbey in a couple of weeks and will get them to have a look at it. Hopefully it won't be bad news.
Thanks for all your help so far,


Iain Mathews

Andrew Lee sourced an FTO from our stock in Japan . Here are his comments after collecting the car.

Hi Miguel,

Picked up my FTO last weekend. It is hard to believe that it's eight years old! It drives and looks half its age. I must admit I was a little bit doubtful about parting with hard earned cash without actually seeing it.

Anyway all my concerns were completely groundless, the car is far better than any I Looked at in the London area. Thanks for all your help and the professional way Newera carry out their business.

Andrew Lee.

The following is a message from Derren Foster. Derren had wanted as late as possible white GPX Manual FTO. We found him a 1999 example, with only 5,000 miles, after ordering.

Dear Miguel,
Hello again. Well last Thursday I was up at 5:30 in the morning to get a train to London and then onto Folkestone, I felt like I giddy school boy knowing that what waited for it at the end was my on pot of gold. Adam picked me up from the station and we proceeded onto Densole and Motormall's car yard. It was then I was brought back down to earth when he told me he had fitted the stereo but was un-tested due to there being no speakers. (I had sent him the stereo to fit but no speakers).
What was I to do with a 3 hour car journey back home and no music, sadness was creeping in. We pulled up at Motormall and Adam walked me round to the car, Any sadness I had soon went as the biggest smile I
have ever had crept across my face. The car was lovely and soon forgot about the music. The drive home was brilliant just listening to the engine was enough to keep me entertained (epically when the MIVEC kicks in).
Thanks to you I now drive one of the best (if not the best) looking cars in the area. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the feeling I get when ever get in my FTO.
I would like to thank you not only for getting me this lovely car but also for you great customer relations, as without you prompt response to my many e-mails I would most properly have died due to the stress. This has been a long process for me (bloody DVLA) but has been well worth the wait. And in a year or twos time I will most likely go through this whole process again (possible EVO).
Once again thanks so much for sourcing this car for me, and I wish every luck and good wishes for the future. I hope you keep up the good work of finding people there dream cars and I like I said hopefully I will be in touch in a year or two.

Thanks Sooooooooooooooooooo Much,

Derren Foster,
World Happiest FTO GPX Driver

Vicky Rolph first got an STI 2 from Newera stock in Japan . It was completely mint just as described, so she ordered another performance car to add to her collection of performance cars - which includes an F355i Ferrari ! ..She & her husband have now moved to Scandinavia , where they have their cars.

Here are Vicky's comments after she collected her Yellow Evo 7, sourced to order.. What a lady!

Hi Miguel,
Vicky here just to let you know I picked the car up on Saturday morning. Must say Adam was most helpful this time round so my thanks to him.
The car is AWESOME although I haven't had the chance to drive it much my husband wouldn't let me
have the keys so I was left with the diesel once again! I was cleaning the car all day Sunday and I'm still not happy so I'll be cleaning it again on Tuesday.

I'm just so fussy!! It's funny but I'd say the Scooby was in cleaner condition overall when I first got it but the Evo will be better once I've finished with it! Oh well that's perfection and dedication for you!

So as I say I can't comment too much on the performance as I didn't have a chance to experience it yet!
I'll take it for a blast this weekend.
So thanks for getting us a great car again.
The Audi and Subaru are going to Finland in a couple of week's time as our garages are finally built so looking forward to being there. The Ferrari and Evo will follow at a later date.
Right - that's it for now hope things are ok at your end with the business, etc...

Take care!

Gavin Jardine sourced his low mileage Symphonic Silver FTO GPX facelift from Newera's stock in Japan .


Long time since I've been in touch but just wanted to update you on my progress with the FTO you bought for me around six months ago.

I have enjoyed myself greatly in putting around 8,000 miles on the FTO in the last six months or so. Lots of motorway driving - which is OK - but it's more fun on roads with a few more bends because the cornering is fantastic. It was like new when I picked it up from Motormall - they did an excellent job in preparing the vehicle.

Just had it's 20,000 mile service at Euro spec in Camberley (recommended by a couple of FTO Owners Club members) and no work needed, although apparently the bushings on the front suspension have a little "play" in them and will need replacing at some point. Don't know if that's common?

Overall - Great car, in immaculate condition (exactly as you described), at a great price. It'll be a few years before I switch but I'll definitely be in touch if I decide to go Japanese again.

Gavin Jardine

Faisal Rachyal ordered a yellow 300ZX T-bar Manual, as a project car - for which we searched a long time. After 5 months, we still hadn't found a yellow one, but did buy a stunning Pearlescent white example for stock instead. When Faisal saw the pictures, he decided to have this car instead. Here are his comments after collecting it.

Hi Miguel,      

I picked up the car yesterday and my first impression or more like my first thought was "Oh my God"!

The pictures you sent didn't do the car justice! I was a bit worried about the colour - but my most favourite thing now is the colour! The car is running excellently and gets it fair share of attention on the streets. It has been seven months since I remitted my deposit and has probably been the longest I've waited for anything (partially coz I'm so picky as you know) but it has been well worth the wait. The car goes like a rocket and is a little hard to control at times. It feels a lot faster than standard. I just have to say I'm well happy with the car. I haven't had any problems other than trying to find out what all the buttons do and there are a lot. As usually give it a few months the whole car will most likely end up changing, I will send you some
pictures of the car once its finished. I just want to say many thanks again for all your help and for sourcing me an excellent car. I will be more than happy to recommend you to any One I come across whose interested in sourcing a car from Japan .

Many thanks


Robert Guest ordered a GTR R33. We bought him a near new and very rare R33 LM model, complete with 18" NISMO alloys. He did need to wait a while, but the wait proved worthwhile.

Hi Miguel,

Words cannot describe how delighted I am about this car.

It looks absolutely fantastic!! After speaking to you on the phone I went to work thinking mm.... a light blue skyline with white wheels, not sure I will like these colours. But how wrong I was! It is drop dead gorgeous!!

The white Nismos against the cars colour are fantastic. It looks like brand new. Tinted windows, limited edition decals. All I can say is ...F*cking hell I am in love with that car!

The  Le Mans model is as rare as rocking horse s*it I would have thought? I mean, you see VERY few skylines on our roads as it is , but a limited edition, more chance of Saddam Hussain saying " ok you got me, its a fair cop!!" than coming across that car.

You have lived up to your formidable reputation in the car world and found me a car which far exceeds what I hoped you would get for me. All I can say is thank-you very, very much!

I need to go to bed and calm down for a bit, its 1am in the morning as I type this message and I need to sleep, although I will be awake for hours thinking about the car you've just bought for me!

Best wishes and thanks again,


.And Rob's comments after collecting his GT-R.

Hi Miguel,

Finally collected my car on Tuesday, and as expected it is fantastic!!

The car was immaculately presented on arrival, and looked stunning in the flesh; it really is a great colour.  It feels very different to my Impreza ( better!) so solid and well put together. The biggest difference was doing 110mph on the M1 without even realising it!! So long legged and quiet on the motorway. It really does have the potential to burn your licence doesn't it?

Took a major wrong turn near the M25 and instead of finding M1 north ended up in London centre, at 5pm !!! A nightmare or what!! Finally got out and on my way.

Induction kit went on today, sounds great, full exhaust system goes on it on Friday, and should sound superb. The exhaust company have asked if I would like to put my car on their display stand at the Trax 2003 show at Donnington this year to promote their exhaust systems, how cool is that?!!!!  They think the car is so eye catching it will be good for business! I will be recommending your company of course.

Exhaust guys are going to have a look at the rear end squeak you mentioned, only seems to do it at slow speed, definitely suspension related I reckon as it does it on bumps, any idea what I should look for?

Anyway, it is with the greatest thanks that I send this message, the car is far better than I ever expected to get my hands on thanks to your endless searching and superb customer care.

I will be coming to you for my next car in a few years time.

Many thanks Miguel, you and your company deserve to prosper and continue to earn the reputation it has earned. Will no doubt be in touch sometime in the future for technical advice, thanks again!

Best wishes,

Robert (a delighted customer!!!)  

Ant hony Fleming of Sterte Garage imported his first Skyline through Newera. He was so impressed, he has since started a flourishing business importing and selling other cars, sourced through Newera, Here's his comment on his first R32 GT-R.

Hi Miguel,

Well today I got the beast, and I have to say it has totally exceeded my expectations. I am totally in love with it - what an unbelievable car!

I love the gadgets etc. and we have already installed the induction kit and cat removal pipe. Sounds awesome, handling amazing, so fast + amazing condition underneath and the bodywork is brilliant. It's also got loads of extra bits I wasn't expecting, like HKS cold air piping, Apexi carbon fibre radiator cover, up rated down pipes, remote oil filter etc.

I have to say thank you so much for getting this, I can't imagine ever seeing a better example! Used the Power mode on the Apexi multi read out thing and I got up to 431.9ps so as you can imagine I am dead pleased with this!

Cheers, and once again THANKYOU!!!!!

Ant hony.

Kim Hansen sourced his Skyline R33 GTR from Newera. He has wanted a white example with Nismo alloys and some performance extras...We found him a stunning 1996 model of this exact spec. Kim wanted to import the car to Denmark. He is now the first and only owner of a GTR in that country.

Hi Miguel

I've just returned from Bremerhaven where I collected my car. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.

Looks even better in real life, than on the pictures!!!!! Everything went smoothly, no problems at all. All in all it took about 2 hours from we arrived at the shipping office, till we were heading back to Denmark.

I had rented a car trailer, because I didn't want to drive a right-hand drive car, for the first time in my life, in the middle of an unknown German city!!!!

As you can imagine such a car attracts A LOT off attention, even from the workers in the harbour who are normally used to seeing nice cars.

I haven't had the chance to actually drive the car yet, but I'll get back when I've done so!!!
It certainly has a nice sound though!!!

Best regards


Jeff Keeling, requested an automatic MR2 Coupe, as he is partly disabled. Despite a low budget, we found him a 1999 VVTi model in Silver with special alloys and other extras at a very unusually low price. Jeff was naturally delighted.

Hi Miguel

Long time getting around to it but have some pics of the car http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.keeling1/html/mk2_1.html that you requested many months ago.

It's running great! No problems at all, going to get the wheels powder coated in grey very soon

I would have never expected when I 1st saw it that I would be getting quite so may admiring looks from people , every where I go people comment on it , not just lads, but women in shops etc.

Since we last spoke I have also started a forum http://cagbuild.co.uk/html/forum/ and will soon be doing a links page on my site and your company will be definitely on there :)

Thanks again


Graham Langford sourced his RX-7 from our stock in Japan . Here's what he had to say about it shortly after collecting.

Picked up my RX7 on Saturday, and spent all day/night/day driving it. Really great fun, but I'm still being a big wuss round anything that resembles a corner, thou did get into a blast with a Carrera 4, and found that braking hard whilst approaching a roundabout on a hard right is not good for the nerves, rear twitched, but somehow stayed almost in one lane :o)

Spent all weekend racing against my mates in an Elise and Integra R, and was well impressed with the straight line stuff, but laid off on the corners as I'm going to try maintain some common sense till I know it well (as long as no bloody Porkers try race me again!!)

Enjoyed it loads, spent most of that time well within turbo number two zone, and gave the car an excellent workout.
That's all for now, LOL

Overall Newera have supplied a lovely car that I can't stop grinning about, big thumbs up!

Mad quick, and sounds awesome, even with just the aftermarket back box, the funny base booms it puts out when idling are great. I love it, and get some great pops & bangs when pushing on.

Guess what I'm doing with my lunch break :o)


Andy Orrow sourced his Rev 5 MR2 Coupe Turbo through ordering his desired car from Newera. An example that came complete with a rare and stunning body kit, alloys, etc.

Hi Miguel

I was late picking up my new car, eventually got it last weekend. A lovely car, I am very pleased with it and thank you again for all the info rmation you sent and the professional service you have provided. A few friends are now interested, may bring you some more business. Good luck for the future, and many thanks!

Andrew Orrow

Grant Dodsworth had the very first special body-kitted Celica VVTi we could source for stock (We only supply these rare Celica VVTi's, no plain cars from Newera). Here's his say:

Dear Newera (Miguel),

I have picked up my Celica 190 VVTLi Tiptronic and must say that it looks much better in the metal than the pictures. The car is exactly how you described it and was ready for collection on time. I found your services excellent in all aspects, as you answered all of my many questions and removed any doubts.

I do have to say, that before ordering my car I read the other testimonials on your website but there was no contact details for me to check up on them, so I was very skeptical. I did manage to contact one company that Newera supplied to verify your status and was pleasantly re-assured. On this note, if any of your future customers have doubts, then please feel free to give them my email address.

Thanks for all your help and services Miguel, keep up the excellent work as I hope to be sourcing another car in a few months.

Best wishes,

Grant Dodsworth

Matt Wood got his Green Met. Rev 3 T-Bar from Newera.

Hey Miguel,
I finally took my green MR2 GT-S home at the weekend, and I'm well impressed... The car is beautiful...  I was a little hesitant at first, my red N/A looked so cool, but this is in another league! It looks dark n' mean...  The car is so smooth and effortless to dive, but turns into a beast when given the chance...  the weather over here is crap to put it mildly, so no chance to take the roof off and give it some welly , I've got all that to look forward to...

Anyhow thanks sooooooo much for the great service. You the man....  hope we can do business in the
future...  an RX 7 maybe???  He he


Andy Warren sourced his body kitted FTO from Newera stock.

Hi Miguel,

Just a note to say how grateful I am for finding such a great FTO for me. It's exactly what I wanted, and more.

My hunt for a car from Japan started when my friend imported a Honda Prelude V-tech from a different company. I did my research and although my friend was completely satisfied with his car, the extras that Newera seemed to offer were more appealing i.e. the repair of any marks on the car. On speaking to Miguel it was obvious that he knew his cars and would only find the best. I haven't been disappointed.

Thanks again.

Andy Warren.

PS. Give it a few years and an order for an Evo 6 will hopefully come your way.

James Shoesmith ordered a Supra from Newera, but found his car in the UK before we could find an excellent example for him in Japan . He asked for his deposit returned. Here's his say:

After spending sometime trying to source my ideal Toyota Supra SZ I decided to consider the idea of importing.  Having read several good reviews about Newera. I decided to contact them.  Miguel at Newera thought that he could source me a 1994 Supra twin turbo at a very reasonable OTR.  So I requested the order forms and decided to give it ago.  I found communication to be superb. Never have to wait more than a few hours for a response.  

Miguel viewed several cars for me over a relatively short timescale, however I found a car in the UK that was too good to miss out on.  I therefore had to cancel which I must say concerned me slightly because I had already paid Newera a £1000 deposit.  Upon e-mailing Miguel I found him to be very understanding and the deposit was transferred back into my account the following day.  I would recommend to Newera to anybody wanting to source a Japanese car and would most certainly use them in the future in trying to source a decent car."

Best Wishes, 

James Shoesmith

David Pagel ordered an RX-7 with a budget of £10,500. We got him a Veilside kitted RX-7 in white, with mods to around 350 bhp. Here's his say.

Hi Miguel,
I hope you had a good Christmas, I had a lovely one and a certain rx-7 had a big part to play with that, I picked it up on the 22nd and drove it back home it took me 6 hours and 3 of those was spent going 8 miles on the m25 but it did help me get used to the clutch which is a bit tricky!
The car is absolutely gorgeous to look at! I must admit I was a bit skeptical over the colour but you were right it does set it off perfectly.

It also goes a bit I've found that you have to watch that back end in the wet weather!!!

Anyway Miguel I can't thank you enough you got me the RX-7 I'd dreamed about and so much more. I think I'll be taking it to get a good service in the next few weeks, If there's any good tips you have on keeping RX-7's what to look out for that sort of thing and perhaps some web addresses on the latest gadgets all would be appreciated. Thanks again mate and I'll look forward to doing business in the future


James Husselbee - 19 years old is a complete car freak! He'd rather pay £3,000 plus of hard earned money on insurance, than drive something boring..So we got him a stunning RX-7 RS in immaculate condition. The heather was faulty, but we put that right too.

Hi Miguel

I took my new baby out for a spin last night and....................................................... I absolutely loved it!!!! It is quicker than I ever imagined and the amount of power you feel going to the rear wheels!!!! It is in tip top condition, apart from the heater, but hopefully that's all that's wrong. It's a hell of a lot quicker than my Scooby, and I know which 1 I prefer!
Thanks a lot though for finding me this car, you kept to your word with the spec and the quality etc. I will be recommending to my friends. When I do 'eventually' come to sell the car, I know where I will go to to get my next import........... Japvillage!

No only joking yourself 'cause the service was excellent. Oh and also please thank Motormall as well they did a superb job. Let me know about the heater please!

Once again thanks!

Cheers, Miguel


Mark Crabtree sourced his FTO from Newera - through an order.

Hi Miguel,
I finally took delivery of my FTO on Friday and I'm highly delighted with it.  As you stated the car's in immaculate condition and it drives like a dream.  Once again thanks for sourcing a car which matched my
criteria perfectly.  A number of people have said they'll be using you themselves after seeing the car.

Motormall also did an excellent job.  I had no problems between the car arriving in the country and me picking it up last week. The leather interior is just as I requested it.

Just one little thing, the CD auto-changer has the cartridge missing.  I'm trying to source one in the UK but haven't had any luck yet.  If I continue to struggle would it be possible to get one sent over from Japan and I
settle the bill with Motormall?  It's a Kenwood KDC-C11 Auto-changer.

Thanks again,



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