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Macer Kemp wanted a VVTi 6 Speed Supra which we sourced for him- to order, complete with Ohlins suspension and BBS LM 18" wheels. Another delighted customer.

Hi Miguel,

Thought it was about time I thanked you for finding me such a fantastic car!!

I've had the car about a week now so I apologise for not e-mailing you sooner, but as you can imagine, I've been kind of preoccupied!! It is immaculate ... I cannot fault it in any way. I have to admit it looked great in the pictures you sent, but I expected to find the usual signs of wear and tear - as you would on any four year old car - but I can't find any, and I'm pretty damn fussy!! The Japanese certainly know how to pamper their cars, that's for sure...

When I arrived at Motor Mall and saw it parked up, I thought to myself "no way, that's not my car!!", it seemed too good to be true. Even though it probably sounds a bit corny, it was a bit like winning the lottery (I'm using my imagination for that of course!). It's not very often that something exceeds your expectations, especially when you have high standards anyway, but on this occasion that was most definitely the case. The wait was well worth it. It drives superbly as well. Bloody quick, so I think I'll be leaving the modifications for a while until I get 'acclimatised'!!. I was probably a bit silly in that I ordered the car without ever having driven one!! But I knew what I wanted, and knew that I wouldn't be disappointed.

I think I need to soften the suspension at the rear slightly as it seems a bit firm for our bumpy country roads, but that's the great thing about having the adjustable suspension. So I'll play around with the settings until it feels right. I didn't realise there was a turbo timer in the boot, along with the original suspension, so that was a nice bonus as well...

All I can say is "you're the man"!! And I'm already planning my next purchase from you... a bit premature I know, but I guarantee I WILL BE BACK in a couple of years. I have to be sensible next year and buy a house!!!

So, a big thank you to you, and everyone else involved, for living up to (and exceeding) your promise. A rare thing indeed.

Until next time...


Kashif Chaudhry asked us to find the best possible Supra we could for him, within a lowish but achievable budget. We searched until we found something we would buy ourselves..A 1993 example, but with VERY low original mileage in stunning condition. Here's his response.

Hi Miguel,

Just picked up the Twin Turbo Supra a couple of days ago... what can I say old chap (no I mean young chap :) ) you have definitely out done yourself... the car is a dream, what a unbelievably SUPERB and FANTASTIC car. The drive home can easily be described as out of this world. It's a beast yet it is also elegant and beautiful. The car is just as you described it in your phone call and emails, in fact I'd say you were spot on; you have picked the perfect car for me. It looks new and even drives like a new car. You definitely do have a good eye for cars, and sure have grabbed a bargain for me. The BBS alloys look fantastic now that they have been re-sprayed in silver (just as you recommended).

Adam and Dave at Motormall did a great job, the car was well presented and their service was first rate, ready for collection straight after I got back from my holiday.

Although I must admit I was a bit anxious, trusting someone who I've never met with my money, but all my doubts were definitely uncalled for!!! I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending you... everyone who has seen the car was flabbergasted and left speechless, they all seem interested in importing a car from you. In fact one of my friends is already inquiring about raising some cash so that he can import a Honda Type R from you.

Thanks once again Miguel. You have done a great job, better than I expected a hassle free and seamlessly simple import process, no headaches. I'd also like to thank the rest of the staff at Newera (Paul and Jennifer), I'm sure they also had a hand to play in getting the car for me. Not forgetting the guys at Motormall - you have definitely picked the right agent.

Keep up the good work... I expect I'll be importing another car from you in a year or so time, possibly a Nissan Skyline R34.



James Baum had an MR2 Rev 3 Turbo before, which was found to have been involved in a serious accident some time. Luckily, he got his money back from the UK dealer. James then ordered another MR2 through Newera, but soon changed his mind & got an RX-7 instead - when he realised what was available for the money.His 1994 (M) RX-7 cost just over 9K OTR.

James has gone on to have us source other RX-7's and other performance cars to sell as a small hobby/business. We continue to supply all his cars.

Hi Miguel,

Well where do I start! what an amazing car, the best handling and by far the quickest car I've ever driven, I was grinning like a loon on the way back and it surprised me just how much attention the car seemed to attract on the admittedly horrible drive back round the M25 and up the M1,drivers of Supras and WRX's seemed to slow down and have a good look at the black beast before driving on, I guess the RX7 is a rare sight on UK roads and most drivers seem to wonder just what the hell it is.

The car drives beautifully Miguel and the overall feel I get is one of an extremely well sorted chassis. It inspires much more confidence than my old MR2 ever did, to the point where near my home on the way back - I was chucking it into roundabouts to see how it felt!

Not a whiff of over-steer, just cool and composed, with warp speed acceleration from the exit and out onto the straight. You probably noticed when you drove it, but the damping on my car is very stiff and the car does not roll at all.

Wonder if that's down to the Bilstien dampers or the large BBS's fitted with those low profile tyres? Might put the standard alloys back on it at some point to see how it feels with those.

David Westgarth seems like a top bloke and while we were waiting for my car we had a look around Motormall's front. Some interesting cars there and quite a few nice MX5's as well.

One thing I did mention to David was the missing RX7 efini badge on the rear which he said he didn't know about as it wasn't down on his job sheet so the car is without any badging at the moment.

I'm sure I can remember you saying you'd hid a set in the car and we've looked from top to bottom with no joy so far, if you could let me know on that one that would be great.

I've spent most of this weekend polishing and valeting it and it looks totally stunning!

I could go on for pages about the car, but I'll wait until your back in Japan before we have a proper chat so for now I hope all is well your end and you had a good trip and finally a very big thank you for getting me my first RX7, I'm thrilled with it and hope it will give many years of great performance motoring.

Look forward to hearing from you again.

Best wishes


Andy Geering sourced his FTO from Newera Imports Stock. He has since modified it further and his car appeared in Newera's 5 th Anniversary bash in different form.

Hi Miguel,

I'd just like to say thanks. The FTO is wonderful - when seeing it for the first time at Motormall last weekend, it looked twice as good as the photo's I've been staring at for the last two months. The mods that the previous owner added to the car are quite something, and really makes the car stand out (it doesn't half make people jump on the motorways ;>) - not to mention performance and the nice noise the engine makes.

Thanks again,


Mohammed his son, Usmann Ali found the Supra they had been after on Newera's stock - in Japan . They called, wanting to buy the car, but worried about the risk, etc. After various discussions, they reserved the car. Here's their verdict upon getting the car. This Supra is often seen at Jap car meets.

Miguel the cars is more than I had expected,

It's probably the only one in the country with that combination of Top Secret front and Abflug bonnet.
Its running fine the oil is clean, and the engine ticks over nicely.

It was exactly as you had said; there were no fault in the car. Even the tyres are in good condition. It has a great growl from the exhaust considering it's only a cat back system.

Motormall did a good job of the bodywork repairs. All the stone chips came out and the previously damaged skirt is like new.

At first I was a bit worried about paying for something I haven't seen and although I asked David whether I could pay after, he said "Miguel doesn't work like that, because his cars are so good he'll sell it quickly.
So, on that note I parted with my money and a week later the car was mine.

Miguel is a very honest and trustworthy person. You don't get a lot of them in this day and age, so it was a pleasure doing business with him.

For all out power the Supra rules, over a long road, acceleration on this supra is awesome!
It's a car for all out power and some fun back end action. The gearbox is tight. The best I've used.

Well I could go on about my car forever, it's booked in at Option Motorsport for a service, Blitz de-cat pipe, HKS BOV and programming the Super-AFC. I should be looking at 400-420 bhp.

Thank you Miguel for supplying us the car we searched everywhere for. I will no doubt have no hesitation in recommending you to looking for high-quality & value for money performance cars.

Nice one!!

Mohammed & Usmann Ali

Below is a message received from Neil Jackson. He didn't find the Celica VVTi 190 he wanted from our website, so after discussion on e-mail, decided to place an order for his.

Within 6 weeks we found the Celica he wanted and more...

Hi Miguel.

I thought I'd drop you a note - having had the car for just over a week now. I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been to use Newera Imports for obtaining the car.
I have found both yourself, your team and your associates extremely helpful and professional throughout the experience.
Having just reviewed my order form and subsequent emails, I am absolutely overjoyed with the result.
The Celica is in fabulous condition with astonishing performance, in fact, I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all.
I would recommend your company to anybody, and judging by peoples' comments (within just one week), I would expect a few other enquiries coming your way.
My advice to anybody considering purchasing an import car would be:

1 ) Go to Newera Imports.
2) Be patient.

May I wish you every success with your company.
Many thanks, Miguel.

Neil Jackson.

Martin Tunstall bought a 555 Blue Impreza STI Version 2 RA STI from Newera UK stock. He was the first person to see and test drive it.

Hi Mate!
Only just opened my e-mail, been home for the weekend showing off the car!  Brother-in-laws suitably impressed, and I just grinned all the way home tonight.  I just love the sound effects the car makes, and the way it pulls, even in 4th up a steep hill, is just awesome.

The lads at TSL were very happy with the car too, they'll be doing all the servicing in the future, and I'll be booking in soon to have some 4-pot brakes fitted, then the car will stop as well as it takes off.  I think TSL have already booked themselves to another car show on the 16th, but I'll definitely be there (Newera 5 th Anniversary bash)!

I'm off to have a look at the links you sent me now, many thanks for those and the advice.

Take care Miguel!


This is a message from Alan Mowbray, who also had a Celica VVTi 190 from Newera. He'd originally ordered a rare GZ Aerotop Supra, but upon seeing the Celica on our stock info , fell in love.

Hi Miguel
Hope your well. I'm just writing to say a massive thank you for all the work you did for me in sorting out my car, I really appreciate it all. Makes a change these days to encounter someone as good as yourself. I've had no hesitation in recommending your services to a number of people already. The minor delays at Motormall were unfortunate combination of circumstances, but in the end the wait has been well worth it!

Totally in love with the car, just wish it went a bit faster... although there are means and ways eh?? Have been offered a supercharger and replacement ECU setup that will give 300BHP for £4500+VAT, bit wary as to the long term state of the engine if I go for that though...

I may well be back to you when I hit 25 for the GZ Aerotop too! Looking forward to it already!
Many, many thanks
Al Mowbray.

Message sent by Steve Boland, who has the only Suzuki Alto RZ-S Twin Cam Turbo 660cc car of its type in the UK. A True pocket rocket.

Hey Miguel
How are you mate?

I'd just like to thank you for the car mate. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it's the funniest thing I've ever driven. It lets go so predictably you can through it round corners and roundabouts with a nice squeal from the wheels and the looks it gets from other people are plentiful. Most have got this strange puzzled look on their face! I've found out about a local cruise in Warrington so I might go up and show off but I've heard it's full of "pezzes" so I'm not sure yet.

Anyway mate, thanks again, the cars great!


He writes in response to the Newera 5 th Anniversary bash.

Hey Miguel   The weekend was ace mate, the Beers were flowing, and there was loads of food and some very Kickass Cars. Cheers for the invite, man! Our Gaz is still thinking about a Civic Type R. He should be selling his car in the next month or so. He may get in touch soon. I think the new RX-8 is looking pretty sweet. Can't wait to see what people start to do with them over there.   Take it easy, Man   Ste.

Mark Wilkinson, a professional Rugby player ordered a standard black Skyline GT-R R34 from Newera. Result, we supplied an absolutely mint example. Here's what he thought of the service.

Hi Miguel,

Just quick note to say that I have just taken delivery of my GT-R and I cannot express just how awesome it is. The photos you sent did not do it justice and in terms of how it goes it is unreal. I just wanted to say thanks for all your work and help in importing the car and to say that you have made me an extremely happy GT-R owner.

On another point due to the rugby season picking up momentum I will be unable to come to the meeting as preparations for this years premiership are already well underway.

Sorry to finish on a negative, but the GT-R is awesome!!!!

Thanks again,

Mark Wilkinson

Parminder Chana wanted a mint condition R32 GT-R, so he placed an order. Luckily, we found a stunning Silver example complete with V-Spec Alloys within the first week of searching - and bought it for him. Keen to see if the car was as good as described, he went to see it soon after arrival.


I had a good look over the car yesterday and considering the kinda weather here (raining & dark) and the car hadn't been cleaned... but still, all I can say is that I owe you a beer. It's fair to say it's hard nowadays to find people who have pride in what they do and project that in their work ethic. Pleasure doing business with you (I know I was a pain the ar5e!) and like you said I needn't have worried.

I'll email once I pick up the car and it's been valleted.


Sean Hamil wanted a good Impreza STI Type R, so we sourced his to order. A stunning example of course. His comments:


An absolutely superb drive. Everything I had hoped for and a whole lot more. I have not completely explored all the possibilities yet, but I have enjoyed every minute behind the wheel so far.

Once again I would like to thank you and the team for a superb job well done. I will stay in touch and in the not to near future I know where I will be coming for my next car.

The recommendations have already started

Thank you


And another note from Sean.

Just a note of thanks for sourcing me such an inspirational car.
I am now the proud owner of a Subaru Impreza WRX STi4.
I am thoroughly delighted with the car and had all my fears of importing a car proved unfounded.
The process was very professional from start to finish and the wait was well worth it.
I now turn heads where ever I drive, the car definitely not me!

I feel part of a very exclusive family.
When my friends, and people who just comment on the car, ask me where I got the beast from - I always recommend Newera Imports and I know where I will be going for my next car, but not too soon.

The question is where I go from here! any ideas?

Don't say RX7 'cos the Mrs. and kids wouldn't like the lack of seats!
Once again thank you



Message posted on FDUK by Ant ..who some of you will know. He and Jeff of REWORX came out to Japan to see the Tokyo Auto Salon. Briefly drove Miguel's RX-7 in Tokyo . Until recently, Ant had the UK 's quickest standard turbo'd FD3S RX-7 (Has since moved onto other rotary projects, but will always be a rotary man.probably!) Here are his words.

Miguel.I didn't hammer it into that first corner - was being tame with your car :) You should see me in my car which I trust and know :) Although I have to say the grip of Japanese roads and Miguel's tyres were amazing!

Was going to do all our thank you letters later but seeing as this is here........

Would love to thank Miguel for looking after/entertaining us for 2 (long) nights in a row and even letting
us have a blast in his FD - even if we both held off a little :)

Imagine driving along a Tokyo expressway and tempting 2 RX-7's that at first don't bite, only to scream past on either side 2 minutes later! Then we stop at a rest area and one of the drivers is a Japanese girl - I nearly passed out :)

Then as the night goes on imagine hoards of top notch Jap cars coming out to play - and those boys know how to play!

Forget your tarted up Saxo or XR3i with neon lights we are talking top notch Jap kit driving -EVERYWHERE in the early hours :) I don't want to say too much at the moment as we have some
articles to write........

To Miguel though, a super bloke with fantastic and friendly attitude and as laid back as I was squeezed into
the rear of his FD for 5 hours :) Would I buy a car from this man, HELL YES! :)

Would I move to Japan - tomorrow!




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