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The following is a message from John Helps, who was a very active IMOC member before unfortunately writing off his MR2 at the Nurburgring. John sourced his replacement car, a 1994/M RX-7 Type R complete with gorgeous 18" alloys, Ohlins suspension and other desirable mild modifications.

He is now an active member of FDUK, the mailing list for owners of the last generation RX-7's.


No track days booked yet but I remember one of the guys sorry I don't know all the names yet] has asked us all to come to Bentwaters in March so I'll be doing that.

Back to work today so I have chained the beast up and removed a fuse replacing it with a blown one so it won't start. Anyway its round the back of my house tucked away although I need an outdoor cover for it!

I've enjoyed just talking about it today at work although I have told people that words are not enough.....trouble is everyone wants a ride/drive..sigh!

The mods are the choice of a really mature driver. I feel that in order to investigate the power that is ALREADY THERE you need the suspension/ springs/wheels/tyres. 

Thanks for a great car Miguel

John RX-7 Ohlins/Eibach/Work

Rod Wylam sourced his WRX through Newera via his friend, by ordering the car he was after. We found his a stunning facelift model with performance modifications. He was delighted.

Please find attached a photograph of me along side the car, can you see me drooling? You are more than welcome to use my name & info rmation in any future web pages.

Don't forget to mention that I did it through a third party, as I am not computer literate or own a computer, could be good for business. I am still very much enjoying the car, & no doubt will do so far into the future.

Thanks again & keep in touch, you never know it may be a Skyline next.


David Robert Crabbe found us through IMOC and ordered his MR2 T-Bar Turbo.Took a while to find, but we came up with a mint metallic blue Rev 3 T-Bar, only the 2 nd we have ever sourced in this colour.

I'm delighted with the car that you sourced for me, and I'd recommend importing a car to anyone.  When I decided to buy a car I wanted something that would stand out from the crowd, something that I'd want to hang on to for years to come, and this is what I've got.  I think you'd agree that my request probably wasn't the easiest to find, an unmodified MR2 Revision 3 Turbo T-Bar in a metallic colour, but the wait was well worth it and I was lucky enough to get an extremely rare colour - everyone seems to love that blue!  I've seen a few import MR2s going about the local area and, in my opinion, I've been nowhere near as impressed as I am with my own car.
Thanks again, and best wishes!

Tony Colbourne sourced his FTO through Newera Imports - Ordering the specific car he wanted. A low mileage mint condition 1995 Tiptronic example. We found him just that, which he also chose to have a leather conversion fitted to.

Hi Miguel
Thought I'd email you to let you know that I am now in possession of my FTO. I travelled down to Folkestone by train last Thursday and drove her back.  I was completely blown away when I saw her.  David had managed to get a guy in to do full leather, and what a fantastic job he did.
Driving back to the Midlands I noticed a slight pull to the left, so I booked her into a local garage on Saturday and had the tracking sorted.  It was only 1.5 degrees out but believe it or not correcting this sorted the pull.
I am having a full service carried out this week.  Everyone I know is amazed at the condition of the car.  Just imagine it with full leather and leather trim on the grab handles.
Thanks for everything. I'll be only too happy to recommend you and Motormall to prospective buyers.

Steve Brooks got his absolutely mint 1992 RX-7 from Newera. Here's a message he sent before getting his car. You can see pictures below of it. Sadly, his family's outgrown the car, but Steve will be having a Skyline instead, from Newera of course.

Miguel .

Here's summit that'll make you smile.. Talking to someone on the FDUK user group and I mentioned I was purchasing a 92 RX7 with 41k on the clock... Their reply was "great, although you'll have to rebuild the engine in 5 thousand miles" . I replied "really? This is a genuine car from Miguel @ Newera; you know ". they came back and said . "Oh ... Well in that case it'll probably last a lot longer then" .!!

You're famous!


Later, after collecting his RX-7 he posted this message on FDUK:

I just picked my RX-7 up yesterday from Motormall (via Newera).... It's the first time I've driven an FD.
I'm lost for words ... It's THAT good. Believe me!

Steve. :)

Andrew Searle got his Impreza WRX 555 V-Ltd from Newera's stock in Japan .

Hi Miguel

I can completely agree now - your prices are very competitive, and the product is far superior.  I have seen numerous other Japanese Imprezas of the same series, and I think the car you have sold me is one of the best examples.

I will be in touch in the next year or two to get my next Japanese Import.
Keep up the good work. 

Andrew Searle

Andy Gardner ordered a near standard RX-7 and sourced a C-West Body kit to go with the car. This was fitted by our agent Motormall. Here's his verdict.

Hi Miguel

picked her up yesterday............what a stunning car!

Motormall have done a great job putting on the body kit, really looks superb! It has been sprayed so it really bright silver, looks great in the sun.

It's getting so much attention just driving down the street, especially with that exhaust on as well, has a real nice burble to it, and sounds great when you put your foot down.
I also didn't appreciate how nice the interior is, on the pics it looked good but in real life it looks gorgeous, really comfy as well. You're in the perfect position and everything is at your fingertips (although I did keep switching on the window wipers on every time I turned a corner for the first couple of miles!

Performance wise I am very impressed. I recently had a go in an Integra and a GTI-R but this seems like it would trounce them easily! I haven't given it too much yet as I'm still getting used to the car, but I've put my foot down on a few straights and getting into the 100's is just effortless!

Thanks a lot for finding this car for me, it's just perfect. I love it!

Was quite surprised on way home actually, about a 1/3rd of a tank got me 130 miles, admittedly I was going very easy but its nice to know there's a bit of economy there if you need it, relatively speaking. The mpg is getting less though the more confident I get, but it's worth it :)!

Anyway, thanks again, ill be posting pics on the Mazda Rotary Club Forum soon so keep an eye out for it!



Ed Jon es first bought a Rev 4 MR2 Coupe, then an STI 3 555 V-Ltd, to replace it - as he needed a bigger car.

I found Newera to be very trustworthy / reliable and can highly recommend them. The fact that I've now purchased two cars via them is testament to that!



Peter Goodman had an immaculate UK MR2 in red, but wanted a quicker MR2 in mint condition. So we supplied him a very low mileage Rev 3 T-Bar Turbo.


Washed the car properly today, few tiny nicks noted for sorting this summer, but overall very happy with condition. Looks lovely! Definitely prefer the colour to my old one now.

I fitted the standard air box last night, and I'm much happier with the car.
Much, much quieter, and can hear the turbo spinning no. Sounds like a little jet engine  :)

Cheers for living up to your word!


Graham Whiteman (A fireman) came to us through direct recommendation from another customer (Geoff Williams). He needed a low priced Pajero 2.8 LWB. As we source good examples regularly for Trade customers, we knew we could find him an awesome example. Here's what he thought of what we supplied:

Yo Miguel.....

Just thought I'd let you know I have just picked up the Pajero (Friday) and all I can say is. 'Absolutely superb' ...it is everything that I had hoped it would be and more!

All the boys at the station are well green and all want one! So you might well get some more customers soon.
Certainly, some skepticism was evident throughout that long and tortuous time waiting for the big day but the 'proof of the pudding' as they say, is now here!

I have, by the way, now eaten my dinner off of the engine and shaved in front of the bodywork...it's that good!
So, alls well that ends well! Your reputation is deservedly intact!
Anyways...I will not hesitate to recommend your services and may well be in touch sometime to organise another 'little something' for Caroline.

The very best of luck with the business. Keep this up and you can't go wrong.

Best regards...
Graham and family.

And another message from Graham a month later.

Yo Miguel......at last some detail to send you ref: THE Pajero ...

Having had it for about a month now, all I can say is.....wow!!

I have had a chance to clean it a couple of times now and I guess that's the time one will see if there is anything untoward. Can I find anything ?.....NO!
So, everything is indeed as promised....the vehicle is immaculate.

I have, inevitably, had many comments made, albeit a couple from one little 'green' man, who seems to believe it just to be extension to my 'manhood', but other than that, there has been much admiration .

The only 'bummer' is that I rarely get to drive it, as my wife Caroline is the main user. Still, a small price to pay under the circumstances.

Anyway, I must reiterate my congratulations to you and yours on the way the whole thing went, from those early skeptical days when I placed the 'order', the tortuous weeks whilst the car was on the water, right through to the finale of picking it up.
You should be unashamedly proud of the outcome....as much as I am unashamedly happy with mine.

Finally, please find attached 'piccy' of the four 'loves' in my life. I shall keep in touch and maybe look to 'plunging' again sometime. Meanwhile, the very best of luck.......

Graham Whiteman  


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