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Since starting in 1998, Newera Imports has built the most solid reputation in this market. We've achieved this by consistently hand-picking only the cars we'd buy with our own money were we after the same car as you. If the cars we come across are not up to standard, we simply leave them alone.

Websites made by delighted customers wanting to share their enthusiasm of cars we've supplied are often the source of recommendation which brings us new customers. Other customers tell us they found us from regular recommendations through owner's clubs such as the FTO O.C. IMOC, Scoobynet, www.gtr.co.uk , www.mazdarotaryclub.com , Lexus Owner's Club, etc.

See also Newera Video , which includes footage of many of the cars & owners below gathered together for Newera's 5 th Anniversary at Billing Aquadrome, summer 2003.

Some new customers simply find our advert in a magazine and contact us. Newera Imports is also often specifically recommended by the press, such as Japanese Performance Magazine, FHM, etc.

If you check www.google.com , searching for "Newera Imports" will bring up websites & discussion on us. People have often commented they haven't heard of any bad experiences about us, only good. We intend to keep it that way. If we can't find the right car for clients, we will continue searching, or return the deposit in full.

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the very best cars available for our clients. Our goal is to delight our customers. Why? Well, apart from being good business ethics, we know you'll tell other people about how pleased you are.

The Following are letters and e-mails received from clients who have sourced cars through us. Some gave us a really hard time to test us and make sure we would be up to the Job. We are. So please use their experiences to help you decide if Newera's services are what you are looking for.

Please read below to find out what many of our customers have thought after receiving their cars.

Here's a website built by a customer after receiving his special VVTi 190 Celica.

Hi Miguel,

While being bored one day, I decided to do a quick website (and my first so don't expect much) about the experience importing my Celica through Newera. I have of course put links on the site to Newera; I hope this is OK by you?

The site isn't much but might give other people thinking about importing a car some info. I did find some myself when I was looking but not a great deal...every little helps I suppose.

Steve Guy


Ian Drew ordered an Impreza STI Type R in Sonic Blue, wanting a version 5, V-Ltd if possible. He allowed us plenty of time. Result? He got exactly what he wanted and is now enjoying it to the fullest.


Well Miguel what can I say - my car is absolutely awesome.  You managed to find me an immaculate example, and that exhaust note, Wow!!
Dad and I travelled to Motormall yesterday to collect my car (a long journey but well worth it).  The journey home was quite an experience - at the first petrol station we stopped at people were getting out of their cars and coming over to complement us on the car.  When we stopped at the services to freshen up I started the engine and several guys about 50 metres away suddenly started applauding and cheering!!!

Both myself and Dad were pretty amazed with the fuel consumption, we drove home doing a steady 70 mph and we achieved a staggering 33 MPG - that's better than my 1.6 Civic VTEC used to do. 

I shall continue to recommend you to everyone I speak to, and I will be in touch in several years time when I want a replacement for my road going rally car.  Now should I get an R34 Nissan Skyline V-Spec II in Bayside Blue or Athlete Silver...
A big thank you to everyone involved at Newera and Motormall for making one of my dreams a reality,

Kindest regards
Ian Drew

And a later message:

Hi Miguel

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary, I'm sure you will continue to go from strength to strength.

Many thanks for the invitation to the Newera Birthday Bash, but unfortunately, I will be unable to attend as I have already booked a track day at Castle Coombe on the 16th August ;-)

The car you found me has performed faultlessly for the last year (yep, I've had it 1 year already - MOT tomorrow).

It is amazing how quickly you go from being scared by a cars performance to being used to it and wanting more.  I have made a few subtle changes to my Type R which can be seen in the attached photos, but the real modifications should be happening later this summer - custom mapped ECU, down pipe, etc, circa 340 bhp :-D

It is also quite amazing how many people I have met at rolling road days, meets, etc how you have also found cars for, all have had only kind words to say,  Rob Ferris and the guy with the 600 bhp HKS Skyline in particular.

May your success continue.
Ian Drew

Chris Bird got his 1996 Metallic Blue (Colour Changed) RX-7 RS from Newera's stock. He had been looking for his RX-7 some time. Here's what he had to say:  


I posted a thread on http://www.mazdarotaryclub.com/forums/ with a thank you to all involved in getting me my car, check it here: - http://www.mazdarotaryclub.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1889

I wanted to say a personal thanks anyway, I've attached a nice image of the car I took last Saturday.  It is one helluva RX-7!

Many thanks

Chris Lynch is well known in FTO circles. He has an excellent import diary of his experiences in importing his rare black manual GP Version R through Newera on: www.8000rpm.co.uk


I hope you are well. I picked up my Black GP version R from Motormall yesterday. The car in totally immaculate condition just as described. It is great fun to drive and the engine sound is wonderful especially with the after market exhaust. Thanks very much for persuading me to import, I was very worried about parting with all my savings upfront and sending a large amount of the money over seas but it has been easy and your reputation is second to none. I just need to find some locking wheel nuts for those alloy wheels so they don't get pinched apart front that the car needs nothing doing to it. To stereo is great too apart from I cannot find FM on it do they not have FM in Japan (I never listen to FM radio anyway so it does not really matter). I have done a website about importing my car. You can have a look it is at
www.8000rpm.co.uk I have put a link on to Newera's site. Thanks again! Hopefully I will be back in a year or two for an RX7 or maybe even an MR2
for my girlfriend.

Chris Lynch   

Below is a post of his on FDUK, the forum for 3 rd generation RX-7 owners.

For getting my RX-7 I will be using Miguel again (he did a great job finding me a mint GPvR FTO) to import the car, so I trust that he would buy a car that had been tuned with quality parts.

I really like FD3S RX-7's but don't want to be in the same situation as the FTO with no possible ways to upgrade the power output. I am serious about getting one now and will talk to Miguel very soon about what options
are available from Japan .

Keith Cowie - Famous for winning the TOTBII ¼ mile, got his R32 Drag Car with the help of Newera Imports. We would not usually go to the lengths we did, but Keith was so enthusiastic, we could not refuse. Result: ¼ mile in 9.95 seconds.

Hi Miguel.

I am a very happy guy, to know that all the hard work had finally paid off. We could not have achieved Sunday's success with out you guys. Thanks for the help getting me this car.

From Scotland - Many thanks to Miguel and Yanatsu San!
Keith Cowie.

To download footage of Keith's 9.9 second run, visit: http://www.fordrs.nildram.co.uk/Videos/KeithR329.9s.wmv
See also Video Gallery for original test drive in Japan , by Miguel.

The following is from Adrian Smith, boss of Fensport - UK Toyota Parts specialists. We have sourced for him an excellent base car for major modification, which is destined to be one of the UK 's quickest cars (450 bhp in a lightweight shell with 4WD). At the time of writing, this car's only just reached the UK and it's a secret project.. so we can't let on what it is going to be, but you'll more than likely see it in magazines in time to come.

Hi Miguel,

I really can't thank you enough; you have done a fantastic job - well done.

Car looks great, and will soon be even better (after modifications we discussed). Going to change the front bumper, lower it and put some beefier alloys on, but won't go mad. I want it to be inconspicuous to the GTI owners and cops.

Owe you a beer or six - next time you're over...

And another message from Adrian:

Hi Miguel, hope you are well.

Finally managed to get out of the workshop, and the Runx is now complete, well nearly, it has done 1500 miles but has not yet been rolling roaded and mapped, Have been running 1.5 bar boost, and its very impressive - the traction with 4wd is just amazing. Here are some pictures, its a bit better looking now I think! Everyone in the UK who has seen it, loves it! Must send some pictures to the Japanese Runx club - should shock them!

The first event is early October with the GT-4 club, quarter mile drag racing at York , so hoping for low 12 second pass - fingers crossed.

Once again many thanks for your help.
Best Regards

TEL +44 (0) 1354 696968
FAX +44 (0) 1354 696973
Official Website - www.fensport.co.uk

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