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How the Newera system works...

1 - Starting with your inquiry, we provide a quote or e-mail communication, so that we are clear on just what you are after. We ask for detailed information from you, so we can provide an accurate quotation from the beginning. If you are inquiring about a car from stock, steps (2) and (4) are not required.

2 - When sourcing to order, our quotation is based on your requirements. As long as your budget is sufficient for the car you're after & the car is likely to be available, we will be prepared to find the car you order, or better. Remember: even if you budget too much, it doesn't matter. We operate a system of supplying the best car we can find, plus a set fee of £900. If we can buy your car for a low price, then you make the corresponding saving.

3 - When you are ready to proceed, we ask for a deposit (& completed order form, if applicable). The deposit is usually £1,000. If you want a car worth over £10K OTR, then the deposit is £1,500. The deposit is refundable less admin & search charges, should you for any reason need to cancel before a car is bought on your behalf.

4 - Miguel, our buyer - keeps you info rmed via e-mail periodically whilst searching for your car. Sometimes it can take weeks, even months to find the right car. In addition to Miguel attending the major Tokyo auctions daily, we have buyers searching daily throughout Japan for the car you want. No news simply means we haven't found it yet. We don't buy the first car which comes along. It must meet or exceed your requirements whilst not costing more than the OTR price we agreed, though it frequently costs less.

5 - As soon as available, we will e-mail you up to 30 detailed photographs, showing all aspects of your car. We also include a detailed description. Of course, total OTR price is known at this stage, so we let you know. Cars are insured from the time they're bought, to the time they are completed & collected by you in UK.

6 - Usually, boats are available every 2-3 weeks, from Japan to UK (Southampton). We arrange for your car to be shipped on the first vessel available. Around the time the car is shipped, we ask for the second instalment. Typically this is approximately 60% of the car's OTR total cost. Note that the car supply you is fully insured at all times prior to you collecting it.

7 - We arrange booking of the SVA test in advance - shortly after the car departs, so that the car can be tested as soon as possible upon arrival to UK. We also info rm our UK agent of your full contact details and info rmation on everything which needs doing, to make sure the car wil be presented in beautiful condition.

8 - Shipping takes 5-7 weeks. Around 2 weeks before arrival, we ask you for the final instalment, to cover Import duties, VAT, shipping, UK conversions, testing, registraton etc.

9 - Before the car arrives, we arrange customs clearance, etc. so the car needn't spend un-necessary time waiting at the docks upon arrival. It usually takes 3-4 days for cars to be unloaded and cleared by UK customs.

10 - The car is sent from Southampton to our UK agent's premises in Benfleet, Essex, aboard a car transporter. Upon arrival there, it is SVA converted, derestricted, SVA tested (If applicable) & MOT'd. Any minor cosmetic work specified (e.g. bumper scratches) is carried out & a 12 month warranty supplied when our full UK package is chosen

The car is professionally valetted just before you collect it.

11 - The car comes with 6 month's road tax and is fully registered in your name as the first UK keeper. If you have a suitable private number plate you'd like to go on the car, we can also arrange this, provided you have a DVLA retention certificate.

N.B. The entire system of how the Newera Imports system works, from beginning to end is shown on Newera DVD/Video.

For Canadian customers we will impliment a similar system to above. Please contact canada@neweraimports.com / Tel: +1-604-805-9916 for further details.