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(sold) MR2 GT-S Turbo T-Bar Revision 3 - Stunning Condition & high specification. 

Basic info
Registration date: 1994,
Chassis #: SW20-0098202
Kilometers: 84237km
Color: Goodwood Green (6M1)
OTR Price: £9495

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Detailed description:

This is nowadays an extremely rare Revision-3 GT-S T-Bar Turbo MR2, in possibly the best colour of all. Goodwood Green Metallic (Also known as Dark Emerald Pearl) can look black at night, yet pops in sunlight, as a dark metallic green. They're very rare and difficult to source in perfect condition like this, nowadays and have already become sought after & collectable in Japan. With 1990's sportscar icons now rocketing in value, as the only mid-engine Turbocharged sportscar from Japan from that era, it stands to reason these are now collectable in Europe and elsewhere.

After having sold our last MR2 in stock earlier last year, we have been on the lookout for an MR2 to fill a customer order. This one wasn't specifically within the customer's criteria, but as the specification of this example is the best weíve seen in a very long time, not just for after-market top quality improvements throughout Ė but also itís rare specification, we bought it for stock.

History of this model: The MR2 turbo was made from 1989 onwards for the Japanese market (and for a short period also sold it in limited numbers in the US), whilst the rest of the world had to make do with normally aspirated versions only! In 1994 Toyota introduced the Revision 3 turbo model in Japan.
For the JDM market the Rev 3 models on were fitted with a more powerful version of their 3S GT-E turbo engine giving 245 bhp as standard. Further revisions also brought uprated suspension for greater grip and safety at high speeds, uprated interior trim, as well as newer larger sized wheels, plus of course new fresh colours. With these changes the MR2 became a better car - which is still in strong demand by enthusiasts both in Japan and UK, etc.
The Revision 3 model is very similar to the subsequent Rev 4 & 5, where externally the side repeaters are on the front bumper corners on the 3, but closer to the A-pilar on later models. Also the rear spoiler was updated on the last revision.
Original wheel designs differed and the Rev 4 & 5 had green tint on windows, where the Rev 3 has a brown tint. Inside there were some trim differences too, depending on model designation - but mechanically the 3, 4 & 5 models were essentially identical. 
With this example, what you see is a very rare combination, especially because of the mint condition exterior & very rare T-bar! - To find an example with this level of spec. & improvement is usually impossibleÖ. Which is why we bought it to offer from our stock when the opportunity presented itself.

Original Specifications on this Rev 3 T-Bar Turbo MR2 include:  Original option Bilstein suspension, T-Bar roof glass, Climate Control A/C, Toyota Super Live Sound System, PAS, PW, remote central locking, heated rear window, pop-up headlights, driving lamps, tinted glass,  Fitted floor mats, etc. The T-Bar roof also includes interior covers & storage bags. The glass can safely be stored behind the seats. The spare and original tool kit are complete and unused & this has been a non-smokerís car since new.
This example also comes with original manuals, service book & both original spare keys.

Top Quality Cosmetic & Performance improvements abound:  Apexi cold air fed Induction box, Phoenix's Power Departure II (Twin Silencer) Stainless exhaust, Genuine AVS model 5 staggered 17 inch wheels with new sports tyres, TOM's T020 Sports suspension springs, TRD 300km/h Speedometer, Momo Race Steering Wheel, TRD Shift knob.
Aside from the front bumper by C-West (http://www.c-west.co.jp) , Tom's Racing (http://www.tomsracing.co.jp/) supplied all the original parts to enhance the body styling of this MR2. Aero parts include: Rear Bumper, Side Skirts & Air intake scoop (Note that original nearside engine cover which was removed to fit the intake scoop, is also included with the car). The original Rev 3 side repeaters are ugly in orange, so a set of Final Motion smoked side repeaters have replaced the originals. These are not really conspicuous except when in use and really help give the front a fresher style. Note the Rev 4/5 clear front side-lights too. Wheels are Yokohama AVS Model 5, complete with new sports tyres of size 215/40R17 & 235/40R17. Project Mu racing wheel nuts are security 7-sided and come with a locking key (Located in the tool kit). Many of the components are no longer available on the market in Japan, which makes them all the more desirable nowadays. The bodykit is probably the nicest that was available (aside from TRD's 2000GT wide body which is extremely rare!) The value of these parts is around £4,500 even as used parts and cost in excess of this when new. Note there are also original parts in the boot, incl. suspension springs, air filter, front indicators, side duct trims, engine intake panel, bumper fixings, etc.

Interior Condition: This example has been beautifully cared for. As mentioned prior Ė itís been a non-smokerís car since new. There is no significant wear to seats, or floor mats. Steering wheel was quite recently fitted, so is also in excellent condition. The shift knob was original and the leather shift boot a bit worn from 20 years on the car, so we replaced the boot & fitted a new TRD leather shift knob too.  

Exterior Condition: This is an MR2's that has clearly been cherished since new. Paintwork is in excellent condition throughout, with a deep gloss all over. From a lack of stone chips all the way around the entire car, it's clear to us it's not been driven hard, at all.
There is a touched up paint mark in the centre of the roof, which has been very well done - it's barely visible. On the underside of the nearside skirt there's been a time it rubbed on something and made a single (very thin) stress line on the paint, this isn't visible unless specifically looking for it. Wheels are in good condition with no corrosion, although there are a few minor marks they're very presentable, as pictures show. Both sides are completely pin-straight - this car's never been in any accident, not even a car-park ding on the sides, is testament to the maturity & care this car's enjoyed over the last 20 years.

Test Drive: This MR2 Rev 3 GT-S Turbo T-Bar has been regularly serviced by Toyota. Oil is relatively new - clearly this car wasn't driven hard - judging by itís overall condition. Timing belt was changed approx. 15,000km ago.
We test drove this car and found it drives very well, giving good strong power throughout the rev range. Driving on open country roads we noted that there were no rattles and squeaks to be heard & the car felt tight and unused. Brakes pulled the car up well with no signs of warpage, as is often common on older cars. Clutch has plenty of bite remaining. Felt very smooth with compliant suspension.

Spec. like this is very sought after, so an example such as this is not expected to depreciate significantly nor remain in stock for very long. Later model MR2 T-Bars are what MR2 enthusiasts consider to be the ultimate of all the examples. As Toyota will never build another sports car like this, yet alone one with the performance available here - there's no doubt this will continue to appreciate as a collector's car into the future. If the new owner looks after it well, it will show zero depreciation over years to come and will be worth more.

This unique MR2 is stored under shelter at our premises in Chiba, Japan and is ready to ship anywhere worldwide. 
Inclusive of, new MOT, UK registration & 12 month's comprehensive warranty, OTR price: £9,495. Contact us for further details to reserve this MR2.

Newera Imports. Consistently recommended by club members & magazines as the best source of rare specification top condition rare model Japanese import sports cars.

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