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Celica 6th Generation VVTLi - 190 bhp with TRD Action Bodykit. Storm Blue Metallic.

Approximately 1 month before buying this car, we received an order. The customer wanted a perfect condition tiptronic Celica with as much equipment as possible in either Blue metallic or Silver. Ideally he wanted an example with the TRD Action bodykit and if possible some after market alloys... We began the search daily, as soon as his deposit was there to secure the order!

This is the one we eventually located...Perfect spec. except for no sunroof and wheels being standard (Which as you can see we put right). This is a stunning example with complete specification and top condition throughout. Clearly the one owner this car's previosly had was very fussy about keeping his car in top condition. First registered in 2 [...]

OTR price: £8935

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Celica GT-4 RC Carlos Sainz. No 832 of 5000 Black

This GT-4 limited edition model was made to commemorate Carlos Sainz’s WRC Championship winning successes in 1990 and 1992. Only 440 of this rare model were officially imported to the UK during production, with a handful going to other parts of Europe and the remainder being sold in Japan. FIA regulations, at the time, required 5000 examples to be manufactured to allow the model to be used in rallying.  Numerous aspects of the normal ST185 design meant some changes were required to provide the necessary durability for rallying. These changes were a direct result of TTE’s input.

The Carlos Sainz is visually different to the normal model in that it has a different bonnet and bumper. Instead of the scoop, the bonnet has an air  [...]

OTR price: £6000

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Toyota Alphard AX L Edition - 8 Seater.

The name Alphard originates from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha (α) & represents the brightest star in the constellation. With this model, Toyota set out to create a haven of family comfort, luxury & protection. With full electrical component features and complete comfort and safety features, the Alphard is Toyota's best selling MPV in Japan.

This example's engine is a modern & efficient design (2AZ-FE) of 2.4 litre 4-cylinder 16 valve VVT-i specification.
Producing 158 bhp & 144 lb·ft of torque and combined with a 5 speed ECT automatic transmission it offers genuine 35 mpg economy whilst quietly carrying up to 8 occupants in spaceous comfort.  

Equipment levels

OTR price: £10995

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Sprinter Trueno - Full Toda 20V, TRD Gearbox & total custom build. Purple Metallic Custom.

This unique Sprinter Trueno GT Apex was sourced to special order for a discerning customer who clearly appreciated the benefits of buying a well prepared AE86 with a rust-free shell. Unlike so many others who make the classic mistake of embarking on in buying a tired example that usually requires vast accumulative sums of cash bring up to similarly high standards, he wanted the best we could find within a realistically higher budget.
We duly searched, letting a few lovely '86's pass us by over a couple of months till we came across this stunning '86!
Although the choice of paint and perhaps the chrome wheels aren't what either the new owner nor we would have chosen to adourn this ca [...]

OTR price: £13995

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Celica 7th Generation TRD Sports M (Number 498) - Amazing condition throughout!

The TRD Sports M Celica was made solely for the Japanese market. Many people claim their normal VVTLi is a sports M, when in fact they're just normal versions. In reality the differences are very significant and there are just a handful of genuine examples in the UK.
Toyota's TRD tuning arm built just 1,200, each with it's unique chassis plate denoting the build number (This one's ZZT231-M0498).
Their mission was to make the car lighter, stiffer, faster and better handling - which they most certainly did!
Nowadays Sports M's are either cherished by enthusiasts, or they've been killed off over the years from being raced, neglected & abused...

This unique Celica TRD Sports M was originally
OTR price: £9295

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MR2 GT Turbo T-Bar Revision 4 - Stunning Specification & Condition. White (040)

This is an extremely rare Revision 4  GT T-Bar Turbo MR2 - One of only around 150 Rev 4’s originally built by Toyota before production of the last models stopped in 1999. Of those, many were N/A or not T-Bar and GTS models were usually the specification for Turbos, which had less equipment.
Knowing how difficult it is to find these especially now - We estimate there will be something like 20 Rev 4 GT T-Bar Turbo’s left in existence and this is the first we're [...]

OTR price: £9495

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1999 Toyota Supra RZ VVTi 6 Speed Manual. Concours condition throughout.

This stunning Supra VVTi RZ 6 Speed Manual is one of the best we have ever seen in Japan. Completely original in specification it's loaded with all original options available -  what's most amazing about this example is how completely unmarked it is for a car that was built in 1999. Clearly it's been owned by someone who was absolutely obsessed with keeping it a perfect example.

Original Equipment & options include: Updated Interior Trim including Carbon Fibre part rimmed steering wheel, Optional Recaro front seats, original in-Dash 6 CD Changer and DSP amplifier / controller, Dual SRS Airbags, Power Mirrors with retract mode, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Central locking, Fitted Mats including b [...]

OTR price: £16895

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Hiace 2.8D Cruising Cabin 4-berth mobile home by Toyota Technocraft (TRD) Pristine!

We don't usually supply campers, but as a family working and living in Japan with a passion for the outdoors & a combined desire for relative luxury when on holiday - a couple of years ago we traded our family people carrier for a similar Hiace Cruising Cabin 4-berth mobile home by Toyota Technocraft (TRD). We had never realised how practical & comfortable it really could be until we tried it, but as a result every weekend we have a chance to get away, now we do! Which is about 15 weekends a year and a couple of longer holidays touring (Japan) - in just the first year.
A typical trip can include about 3,500km and 10 days of driving as we were able to stay in some amazingly scenic places, often for free!

OTR price: £10745

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MR2 GT-S Turbo T-Bar Revision 3 - Stunning Condition & high specification.

This is nowadays an extremely rare Revision-3 GT-S T-Bar Turbo MR2, in possibly the best colour of all. Goodwood Green Metallic (Also known as Dark Emerald Pearl) can look black at night, yet pops in sunlight, as a dark metallic green. They're very rare and difficult to source in perfect condition like this, nowadays and have already become sought after & collectable in Japan. With 1990's sportscar icons now rocketing in value, as the only mid-engine Turbocharged sportscar from Japan from that era, it stands to reason these are now collectable in Europe and elsewhere.

After having sold our last MR2 in stock earlier last year, we have been on the lookout for an MR2 to fill a customer order. This one wasn't specifica [...]

OTR price: £9495

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No description available [...]
OTR price: £

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