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1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V 1.3 Turbo Sky Blue
Performance equipment includes: HKS Super Powerflow (SPF) Induction kit, A Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System (Standard Catalyst is retained in the Turbo Elbow for Ease of MOT). The engine has much improved response and performance with the improved breathing generated by the removal of the standard, restrictive parts. Engine sound is also much improved with the 1.3 16V Twin Cam Turbo sounding powerful even at idle. In standard form the 4E-FTE Engine develops 133BHP at 6400rpm, using only 0.65 Bar boost. This example is developing in the region of 140BHP with improved breathing. With the addition of a boost controller or adjustable turbo actuator, 160BHP is easily and safely achievable. These parts are readily av [...]
OTR price: £6630

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1999 Toyota Celica SS-2 VVTLi (190 bhp) - TRD Bodykit - Black

Yet again Newera find the best stock! When we saw this Celica we just had to have it! Standard equipment includes: 6 Speed Manual Transmission, Part Alcantara Suede Sports Seats, Power Assisted Steering, Electric Windows (Auto Up/Down on drivers side), Electrically Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, Anti lock Brakes, Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, Kenwood double din Hifi with MD/CD/Radio, Remote Central Locking, Alloy Pedals, Luggage Net, Fitted Mats, factory tinted windows, rear wiper, driving lights integrated into front bumper, Sports steering wheel, etc. Exterior styling has been improved with 'lexus style' replacement rear lights, removing the dated orange/red look given as s [...]

OTR price: £11680

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1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Coupe. Revision 3. Black

This is a mildly improved MR2 with modifications to improve handling and wheels, retaining the original mechanical specification inclusive of exhaust system and induction kit. Cusco rear strut brace is fitted. Front strut brace is standard. Suspension consists of Cusco sports coilovers, which are adjustable for ride height and damping. Setup is for road use, giving a firm yet comfortable ride whilst improving handling further than standard. Cornering limits are resultantly high combined with progressive slidability on the limit. As standard, MR2's will understeer into tighter corners, but with this setup combined with adjustable top mounts at the front, more negative camber can be dialed in, to give the front a more taut setup. Ideal for [...]

OTR price: £6460

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1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Coupe Rev 3. Black. 270 bhp approx.

This is a mildly and tastefully improved MR2 turbo Rev 3 model (The most sought after spec) with modifications to improve handling & appearance, plus enhancements for improving power by approx. 30 bhp. It has now undergone completion and is ready to register. Please note: Some of the pictures shown were taken in Japan, the exterior pictures now displayed are of the car now, after paintwork repairs and valetting.

The induction kit is HKS PFC, the least restrictive air cleaner available. Also fitted is a Blitz dump valve, Ultra ignition leads and a twin exit Megaphone exhaust system (Stainless steel). These enhance response and make the engine more aural.
Suspension consists of TEIN fully adjustable coil  [...]

OTR price: £5995

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Toyota Supra GZ AEROTOP - Twin Turbo. Silver Metallic

The Supra Twin Turbo GZ Aerotop is an extremely rare and sought after model. Although we actively look for these constantly, only 1 or 2 appear for sale in Japan throughout the year! Not to be confused with the non turbo SZ Aerotops, which although more readily available - pale in comparison being normally aspirated only! The chassis is strengthened to enable the roof to be removable. Removing just 5 quick release screws allows the lightweight roof to be taken off in 1 or 2 minutes and be safely stored in the boot. GZ's Aerotops come with leather, SRS airbag for the driver, cruise control, 3 speed automatic with overdrive, factory CD/Cassette,  etc.

This car is of auctio [...]

OTR price: £10850

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1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Rev 3 T-Bar Black
An MR2 Rev 3 GT Turbo T-Bar is a very rare car in Japan, yet alone in the UK. Genuine low mileage examples in top condition are very sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who can truly apprciate the merits of these unique mid engined sports cars. This example comes with original option marching Recaro seats, Climate Control A/C, PAS, P/W, Light grey tint on the windows, remote controlled door mirrors, Original floor mats. ABS fitted. These combined are very rare combinations, especially with T-Bar. The T-Bar seals well - there are no signs of leakage. Also the original interior covers and storage bags are inside the car. A 20 [...]
OTR price: £6850

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1994 Supra TO4R Turbo. 6 Speed Manual. Modified!!
This is the most modified and best prepared Supra we have ever had the pleasure of having as part of our stock! If you understand tuning, you'll appreciate that the preparation, thought and financial cost that has gone into making this Supra special is exceptional. These modifications have only recently been fitted, judging by how new they all are.
Perfomance specification includes: 
HKS TO4R turbo with HKS PFC induction kit. A large remote wastegate exits beneath the car. Stainless steel manifold, HKS Camshafts of 264 degrees lift duration and JUN vernier pulleys combined with uprated valve springs, HKS metal hea [...]
OTR price: £18255

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Sprinter Trueno (AE86) Twin Cam 16 Valve - Drift Prepared!!

The Original RWD 16 Valve Corolla / Sprinter is affectionately termed as the "Hachi Rokku" in Japan - meaning "86". The AE86 has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - No other car of this generation is still as used in competition, a true testament to how special these cars are!

The sound of an AE86 in battle is unmistakable at full throttle. Nothing sounds nearly as good as this normally aspirated high reving engine when tuned. Being lightweight with very little weight over the rear wheels, these cars don't [...]

OTR price: £7355

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2002 Toyota Vitz RS - Top Secret Supercharged & Fully Prepared Showcar!!
Toyota Vitz RS 1.5 VVTi. Supercharged, painted and built by Top Secret 2001 !(www.topsecretjpn.com).
This car was imported to the UK by ourselves in Spring of 2004, where it's been owned by a lady keeper and enthusiast for a year. In Japan, this car had a fortune spent on it. A genuine Top Secret show car - which has not been out of place exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon in the past!
Modifications are not extreme, but certainly not what you'd expect  [...]
OTR price: £6985

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Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual. Modified - Top Secret GT300 Wide Body!

Have you ever seen a wilder looking Supra!!!!! We certainly haven't except at Top Secret 2001's HQ in Chiba (Near Tokyo) where they used to have a demo race version with the same kit.

This low mileage 6 Speed Twin turbo Supra has been prepared to show standard by www.topsecretjpn.com (English site is available) with their full GT300 bodykit, comprising: Front Bumper, Frong wings, Front Inner Wings, Side Skirts, Side Turn Signals, Rear Qaurters, Rear bumper, Rear Quarter trim pieces and inner stay parts. Also fitted is a Top Secret Composite GT2 Rear wing and  an original T [...]

OTR price: £18450

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