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1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33) - Stage 1 tuned by Mine's Deep Blue Marine (BN6)

This is only the 3rd Deep Marine Blue GT-R we have come across that meets our usual high standards - since 1998! A very rare V-Spec in BN6 colour code. This car's in stunning low mileage condition throughout.

Performance Improvements: This car has been tuned to stage 1 by Mine's - one of Japan's premier Skyline specialists, most noted for their preparation of cars for road tune. The standard ECU has been re-chipped with a Mine's VX-ROM which enables this car to run to 0.95 Bar of boost.
A Blitz Dual solenoid boost controller is fitted neatly into a carb [...]

OTR price: £16635

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2003 Nissan Skyline GT350 Premium - Infinity G35 Coupe 6MT Blue Metallic

The Skyline 350 GT has received widespread acclaim in Japan and recently won Performance Coupe of the year 2004 in the United States, where it is marketted as the Infinity G35 Coupe.
The complete package offered by this car is superb. Styling and equipment are completely up to date, with a sleek new shape that has similarities in styling to the likes of Aston Martin's muscular looking rear quarters, yet Nissan hasn't tried to copy other manufacturers, but instead has boldly changed to a completely new shape - distant from the older R32-34 Skylines. So the G35 Coupe was shaped smooth. Air was channeled over, under, and through the car until the coefficient of drag was reduced to a mere 0.29 Cd. The resul [...]

OTR price: £18850

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1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (2nd Revision R33) - Nismo LM400 Bodykit. White

This unique facelift model Skyline GT-R V-Spec has been lavished with Nismo cosmetic and suspension modifications and much more to make a stunningly prepared road car!! It's had only one owner since new.

Aesthetic exterior improvements have been made to make this a Nismo show car replica. The original Nismo R1 bodykit includes a front bumper complete with seperate splitter and an aerodynamic under cowl that extends all the way to the front cross member. Side skirts and rear over bumper also make up part of the kit with optional rear arch extensions. The head [...]

OTR price: £16760

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1994 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Lookalike (GTS-t Type M) Black
The Skyline GT-St type M coupe is an excellent package. With rear wheel drive and a willing DOHC RB25 6 cylinder 4 valve single turbo, this engine provides earlier response to it's twin turbo GT-R brother. Handling is sure footed and very capable - with Hicas 4WS to help provide excellent handling characteristics.
We wanted to find a high quality Skyline GT-St which carried a GT-R style bodykit, a high quality set of wheels, excellent bodywork and best possible condition - so we selected this example when it became available!
Exterior Cosmetic Improvements: This Skyline R33 GTS-t Type model has been fitted with a f [...]
OTR price: £7850

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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 1 modified. Blue Metallic.

This GT-R has been improved with stage 1 tuning to give it approximately 350 bhp yet still allow it to remain easily drivable and usable for every day use. This a low genuine mileage example with excellent spec and a high quality colour change to a gorgeous metallic blue colour! It's also of very low genuine mileage - so there's plenty of life left in this top example of an R32 GT-R Skyline.

Aesthetic improvements:  The paintjob on this car is the most stunning thing about it. An excellent choice of colour! It's not an original Nissan shade, but suits this R32 GT-R perfectly! Quality of paint is excellent. Note the door  [...]

OTR price: £11375

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1999 Nissan Skyline (R34) GT-R V-Spec - modified. White

This is one of the best condition street prepared R34 GT-R V-Spec we have ever sourced, in over 8 years of business. For street tuned examples, we generally avoid the high power cars, as these have usually lived a hard life (Although there are occasions where there have been exceptions). None of the previous supplied R34's have had the combination of such low mileage and an almost brand new pile of modifications added for street spec. 

OTR price: £32220

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2001 Nissan Silvia Spec R Turbo 6 Speed. Pearl White
Having had a Silvia Spec R S15 as one of our own company cars, these are cars we understand - increasingly more as we continue to tune the SR20 (DET) engine and explore the delightful handling characteristics of the Spec R and other Silvia models. This example is a factory Silvia Spec R Aero version, complete with Factory option aisde skirts & a rear spoiler with intergated brake light. Spec includes: Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, ABS, Electric windows (Auto up/down on drivers side), Electrically controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking. Original fitted mats. Optional factory driving lights.&nbs [...]
OTR price: £13170

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1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R - Nismo & Mines Stage 1 - Silver Metallic.

This stunning condition Skyline GT-R has been lavished with Nismo cosmetic and suspension modifications together with Mines stage 1 tuning. It's been impeccably kept and shows all signs of a car that's been gently used. These conspire to make a responsive and entirely usable road car for the UK, capable of a reliable 400 - 420 bhp with minor upgrades.

Aesthetic exterior improvements: The front lip is also of the later type - deeper and more purposeful. The skirts are Nismo as are the re [...]

OTR price: £14775

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1993 Nissan Nissan Silvia PS13 - Drift Spec. Metal Flake Pearl.

As with most of the best Japanese sports cars, the PS13 and KPS13 Silvias were only made for the Japanese market. The PS13 is considered to be the finest of the Silvias for tuning, drifting and track work and is now more sought after in Japan when in top condition, than a legendary AE86. Weighing in at only 1,170 kg as standard, this model has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - a true testament to how special these cars are ...A true "Old Skool" drift classic!!

This example has been extensively  [...]

OTR price: £8350

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1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Grey Metallic

This is THE lowest genuine mileage entry level R32 GT-R likely to be currently available. With only 41,607 miles from new, this is an example with lots of life in the engine yet! This Skyline has been pampered and well looked after since new and condition throughout is amongst the best we have sourced in the last 12 months. This example is only lightly modified, making it ideal for a person on a budget who wants a car that is unmolested and has clearly always lived an easy life - to be completely reliable and trouble free. An R32 GT-R that has never been tuned, or driven hard and been pampered all itís life is a gem.

OTR price: £8950

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