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The making of Skylines & Skyscrapers

Skylines & Skyscrapers was conceived initially as a direct response to the many inquiries Newera Imports gets each day. We are often asked how we source cars, what we do, shipping, etc. In response to this, Skylines & Skyscrapers began to hatch as a plan. With a DVD, we could actually show the entire process of how Newera Imports supplies a customer's car from beginning to end.

We soon realised, this would also be a great opportunity to share our knowledge & passion for Japanese Sports and the real car culture in Japan too – and so the excitement grew. Through this passion for sports cars, we meet many like minded people.

One such person was Marc Brupbacher, a Mitsubishi Mechanic who wrote to us from Switzerland, asking for work experience. He had been prepared to come to Japan and work for free – just to be in Japan around high performance cars. It was with Marc's enthusiasm that we also began to discuss the idea of making this video and planning….

The second person we met was Steve Brooks, who sourced his RX-7 from us in Feb 2003. Steve is crazy about Japanese Sports cars and is also a professional film maker. When we talked about the video, we knew straight away, this was the man for the job.

Marc was the seed. Steve was the inspiration in making this video. He was the cause of taking the idea from a dream to reality. Initially, we had only expected to use our little DV Camera and accessories – and a decent computer to make our film. Little did we know….!

In June 2003, Steve & Miguel began talking about the making of this video and what we'd like to show. A plan and accurate schedule was discussed in great detail. High Performance cars and drivers were prepared, with backup plans if necessary. Appointments were arranged, roads explored and plans laid for filming. The amount of preparation was immense!

Some of the filming was done earlier in the year, but the main work started in July when Steve could take time off work. He and camera-man Joe Jockamotto flew out to Tokyo with an arsenal of cameras and equipment.

They soon fell in love with Japan as we visited different sites to film at. Although Steve has played Gran Turismo for years and watched all the Initial D Movies, as well as other videos from Japan , none of this could prepare him for what he was about to witness. The colours of lights, beautiful fast cars, awesome scenery and roads that just begged for the cars we had to be driven hard – inspired us all further to make the best movie we could – to show people what the scene is like in Japan.

Even though we have been dealing with Knight Sports for years, it wasn't until we interviewed them and saw the extent of their knowledge, equipment quality and commitment to their work – that we realised the immense investment in time they have made to the cars they nowadays modify. Top Secret was similarly very impressive in their knowledge and ability.

We also visited the Daikoku Futo area to witness the loudest sound-off cars in the world. When we arrived we thought there was a major concert going on……We had to drag ourselves away to go street racing – no kidding!

We filmed many early Sunday mornings to show people what it's really like driving on the C1 and the Wangan Highway . We interviewed real street racers, to express the true essence of street racing in Japan . We also felt a movie like this wouldn't be complete without showing you why the Tokyo Auto Salon is considered the best tuning car show in the world.

Although filming started in beginning of 2003 and was completed by the end of September, editing and music work started in August and didn't finish until the beginning of November.

Many long hours were spent in the editing suites of Sumners, where the editing crew worked nearly 4 weeks, to ensure film perfection.

We'd like to thanks Marc for his enthusiasm, maintenance of cars and for keeping us laughing when we were all dead tired from long days of filming. We'd also like to thank Joe, whose professionalism made the quality of this film possible. We'd never realised how technical it actually is to shoot a film – His ideas were excellent.

None of this would ever have been possible without the help, long hours and endless assistance from Steve, who did this simply because of his passion for cars and film.

It's rare to find such a person, with bottomless energy and commitment in what they do – He has been an inspiration to all of those involved.