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In 1998 two friends, one a mechanical engineer / car enthusiast, the other - the original inventor of the Filofax and successful property investor, began a project that ultimately led to the founding of Newera Imports.

Miguel and Paul had been brought together through Landmark Education, a company that encourages people to create and live with passion and power in what they're committed to achieving. The training given by this company greatly contributed to the success of Newera Imports (www.landmarkeducation.com)

Paul & Miguel's initial idea had been to start a bespoke Import Company to source cars through export agents and supply in the UK. However, upon realising the lack of integrity, knowledge & enthusiasm of many Japanese Export companies they'd contacted, Miguel and Paul realised the only fail-safe way to ensure they could get the best cars, was for an actual presence of our own buyer in Japan.

Our very first retail customer in September 1998 had the confidence to invest in our services, and was rewarded with the best Skyline GTR V-Spec Miguel could find below his budget. The car far exceeded his expectations, and such was his delight, that he recommended us to his friend, for whom we sourced a 2nd GTR. This philosophy of providing only the cars we'd be delighted to own ourselves has continued, and thus Newera's reputation has become widely known in the UK, Europe & beyond as suppliers of the best cars sourced directly from Japan.

We remain absolutely passionate about cars and continue to expand the range of services Newera offers.

www.neweraparts.com offer the most comprehensive range of tuning and styling goods available - often items which are discontinued or hard to obtain. Prices quoted are to your door - with no additional costs.

Our Videos are also available, to show people what Newera Imports is all about, with a deep look into the amazing Japanese car scene. See Newera DVD/Video

Newera Imports remains a business run with huge passion and knowledge for Japanese cars and resultant professionalism in how we work. We feel this is the way a car supply business should be operated, with a conscious emphasis on service and informative direct customer contact throughout the supply process. We do this in combination with only sourcing the cars we'd be delighted to own ourselves.

Since 1998 many customers have embraced our system and fully experienced the benefits of having their car sourced directly by Newera Imports. We hope that you too will enjoy Newera Difference and therein choose us to supply your own specially selected Japanese Car.