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Fast, East & Extreme - Features

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The Racing
Street Race Tokyo’s legendary C1 in a fully prepared RX-7. Step inside and experience 335 km/h on the Wangan in a 900 bhp Skyline. Illegal drifting at Daikoku Futo. Professional D1 drifting at Odaiba. BIG X – the craziest drifting in the world, Rotorstock and more!

The Tuners
Behind the scenes tours with HKS, JUN Auto Mechanic, Veilside, Scoot, Honda Twin Cam. Interviews with their staff, a look at their race, drift and demo cars and an up-close look at their top tuning methods.

The Cars
Scoot’s 4 rotor RX-7, the most unique RX-7 in the world. HKS D1 Professional Drift series Sylvia - we show why it’s the car to beat this season. Veilside’s secret Fortune model RX-7 secret preview whilst being shaped. Honda Twin-Cam’s time attack demo cars up close. Why TAS is the best and largest tuning car show in the world - We take you on the tour of TAS 2004.

The Performance
1,000 bhp drag Supra undergoes preparation at HKS. A look at Veilside’s top drag cars with their creator. Optimising handling, acceleration and performance, as described by the best Japanese experts.


  • The Big X - Japan’s craziest drift event of 2004!
  • Inside @ 207 mph - Wangan run in a 900 bhp Skyline R34 GT-R!
  • Sideways Room Only - D1 Professional drift event. Odaiba, Tokyo!
  • Flames & burnt rubber - Outlaw street drifting in Japan!
  • C1 Tokyo Highway – Real Street Racing @ 3am on a Sunday!
  • Hakkone – Skyline GT-R’s meet on some of Japan’s coolest mountain roads.
  • Coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2004 – The world’s largest & best tuning car show.
  • Rotorstock 2004 – Europe’s largest ever rotary meet held in the UK.
  • Full interview, visit and a look at the secret weapons of Veilside, HKS, JUN, SCOOT, Honda Twin Cam & much more!
  • Over 2 hours of the finest performance footage from Japan this year!


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