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FAQ's Frequently asked questions

Below is a comprehensive list of answers to initial questions you may have. Please save time and read below. We kindly request that you read the information below to find answers to the common questions you may have before contacting us.

Although some of these questions prompt negative replies, we would rather you know the truth of what we can and cannot do.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done business with Newera before. How do I know it's safe?

A: Since opening in 1998 for business we have been asked this question often. The very fact we’re the longest established import specialist for sports cars should speak volumes.

Most customers have heard great things about our company from delighted owners on the internet and are already familiar with Newera Imports – so they’re happy to proceed. You only have to do a search on the internet to know we’re the best.

Because many people are unaware of how we work specifically, one of the reasons we decided to invest substantially into making a video about what we do, is to precisely answer this question!
Through our Skylines & Skyscrapers video / DVD, you’ll be able to see closely what we do and how we do it. There is an interview with Miguel and the film-makers documented each part of the process of how we supply our cars, right through to interviews with customers at the Newera Imports bash in Billing Aquadrome!

Through this video you’ll be able to understand where our hearts are – and why we are passionate about what we do. From seeing the video, you’ll be able to make an informed choice deciding if you want a Newera car or not. You’ll also be able to see footage of the Japanese Car Scene – in Japan, interviews, etc. We’re sure you’ll find this a very enjoyable and informative film.
If you decide not to proceed for whatever reason, you’ll at least have seen an awesome video about the Japanese Car Scene.

See Newera DVD/Video

Finally, it’s worth remembering that our reputation would not be what it is now if we did not run Newera Imports just as we say we do. See Testimonial.

Will you take my current UK or Japanese Imported car (Sourced elsewhere) in P/X?

A: We’re suppliers of very high quality cars of better standard than available in the UK for a set fee (Included in OTR price) of £900 inclusive of VAT. At this level, there’s simply no margin for P/X.
Also, as we must maintain the highest possible quality standards with the cars we supply it's important to know our limitations. We don't have any buyers in the U.K, so we would not be able to buy your existing car in UK.

Do you offer finance for the cars you supply?

A: We feel that banks and building societies as well as specialist loan companies can offer much better deals than typical car finance companies. We don’t supply finance.

Do you take Credit Cards as payment?

A: We only offer credit card facilities for payment of a deposit to secure a vehicle. Remainder of payment for a car can be arranged via credit card at our discretion. Please note: Due to the interest credit card companies charge on transactions, we will add 4% for payments taken by card. Remember also that we pledge to return a deposit in full the event we cannot source the car the customer is after.

How can I reserve a car?

If you’re ready, please complete an online form to confirm you’d like to reserve a car in stock, giving information on which specific car this is. We will promptly reply to confirm the car can be reserved, or let you know if the car’s been sold.
Usually we are able to update the website promptly to avoid such scenarios.
We will send you information on shipping, estimated arrival date to UK, completion and registration, etc.

You can remit a deposit with your name as reference - directly into Newera’s UK account (Internet or tele-banking can be used, alternatively a counter credit is fine) or if preferred, you can pay via cheque, or credit card.

How will I know I'll get the best car for my budget that you can possible find?

A: First and foremost, our buyers are each avid car enthusiasts and very experienced buyers in Japan, with Miguel – our director being the main person checking cars.
He personally selects around 30-50 cars for export to both Trade & Retail clients each month and has been doing this for 8 years, each day. Our trade clients generally never leave us, as they know they can’t find a better source.

We are very “in tune” with what’s available & what’s not, so when selecting a car to buy, we know how good a particular car is relative to what we see regularly.
We don’t buy average cars, but only the best examples at affordable prices. Remember also that our fee included in a car’s price is just £900 inclusive of VAT, so we can afford to spend more on the car itself, than our competition does. Our cars are often also lower priced as a result and consistently better.
To each private client we will describe the car bought to the finest detail, so you know exactly what’s what. When buying for any customer Miguel is aware this is a car being bought as someone’s pride and joy – so he will only buy something he would be happy to own himself. If not, his philosophy is he’d rather leave the car and in the event of not finding the right car in future, simply return the deposit, than supply a car you’re not likely to be delighted with.
Newera’s reputation is worth a lot more to us that the sale of a car.

If the car I am after isn't available from your stock, what is the benefit of placing an order & Deposit with you to find the car I'd like?

A: For example, some customers place an order for an RX-7 with body kit, etc. They are then in an advantageous position to reserve an RX-7 when we buy one. If it’s a very specific car, we will only buy to order anyway. Some people believe they may be able to find the car elsewhere, which makes them weary of placing a deposit. Remember a deposit is always refundable in the event we don’t buy a car for you, so there’s no risk!
There are people who don’t place a deposit and hope to find the car they’re after on our stock list in future.
In our experience this is not the best way, as other customers can order in the meantime and will get first choice as a result. We don’t always show cars on our website that are bought to order.

Can I specify preferences for after market items, wheels, body-kits, etc?

A: Yes, within reason. We send you an order form and on it you specify your preferences.
In each case, as our buyers usually attend auctions in Tokyo every day, they know how probable it is that they’ll find what you want, and so can advise accordingly. If the car you are after is likely to be too difficult to locate, we will discuss this with you before accepting an order.

We also offer a service of customizing your car through the use of specialist workshops. Want a Mine’s Conversion for your Skyline GT-R, or an engine built by FEED specifically for your RX-7?
No problem – You’ll be amazed at the level of service and range of facilities we can offer!

If Newera finds a car that he's not sure I want, but is perhaps better than I'd hoped to find what happens?

A: Each of our buyers carries a full listing of client’s requirements. If a car we find for you is of a different specification to what your order form states & we feel the car is an excellent example, which you might like, he can call you and describe in detail.  In such cases, you will be able to decide if you want the car or not, although having done this work for almost 6 years (At time of writing), we know what people are likely to like a lot and what they’re not (See the Stock / Examples Sold ). From daily experience, we also closely estimate what the car should fetch at auction that day and hence know the maximum UK OTR Price.

Can I see pictures and information on perspective cars before they're bought?

A: Although we cannot provide direct auction internet access – for security reasons, where possible, we will usually send you auction information of possible targets before we view. We do this to keep you informed only. The selecting of cars is our responsibility, since we’re able to closely inspect and check cars and only then make the decision whether it’s up to standard or not!

We carefully check each car in person or through one of our experienced buyers – in detail before buying, but only do so on the actual day of the auction. Checking can sometimes be 30 mins – 5 hours before auction sale. As we also have a lot of different vehicles to check, we cannot take time out to take pictures and send to the customer, unfortunately. Remember also, that even if we find a beautiful example, we’re not guaranteed to get it. We can only do our very best based on the maximum OTR budget agreed. Having said this, we are well aware of what price is expected for each car. We typically select 10-50 cars to inspect per day, in auctions ranging from 1,500 – 9,000 cars daily. Of these, we will usually reject over 75% due to unacceptable condition, even if grade 4, etc.

Will I get full details about the car bought for me?

A: Only Newera provides 50-75 full pictures of each car supplied. These include pictures of accessories, tiny scratches or pin dents, and anything that we feel you would want to see, in order to have as informed a description as possible. You can also get a picture of the auction sheet, which verifies the mileage, and condition of the car.
In addition you’ll get a full written description of the car. All descriptions are written by Miguel (Director of Newera)  once he has personally checked each vehicle and are the most comprehensive in the business.
Even trade customers don’t get this high a level of information from Newera, yet alone dealers who source elsewhere!

Is an auction grade a good guide to a car's condition?

Be careful not to place too much merit in the auction grade of a car. One cannot accurately judge the condition of a car by one number. We have seen grade 4 cars that were very rough indeed, and we have bought grade 3 cars that are excellent. There are different inspectors and auctions differing in quality themselves. Auction grade 5 is generally the highest grade, for cars that are almost off the showroom floor, and of course, there prices reflect their condition. 10 year old cars, for example would never have a grade 5, unless perhaps it were a museum piece.
We believe it’s of paramount importance to check out each potential car personally, taking a close look for any signs of abuse or neglect. A number can’t tell you about these things. Worth bearing in mind typically of the grade 4 cars we see, we usually don’t bid on 50-60% because they’re not of the high standard we feel is necessary.

Once the car is reserved for me, what happens next?

A: The car is transported on a flatbed truck to our storage yard in Yokohama, where it is safely stored in secure grounds awaiting the next boat. It is promptly de-registered and prepared for export, Customs cleared, transported to the boat, loaded and secured. It then leaves for Southampton. This trip is usually 5 ½  weeks from Yokohama. As the car departs, you pay balance outstanding in Japan for cost of the car, transport, documentation and preparation costs.

Final payment is requested 2 weeks prior to the vessel’s arrival and consists of the total OTR price less the payment made to Japan, less the deposit initially paid by yourself.

Will hifi equipment and other valuable accessories be safe and is insurance available for my car's trip from Japan to the UK ?

A: All cars are fully insured by Newera from the day they’re bought, to the time of collection of the car by the customer. We also remove expensive hifi equipment and stores securely/ship separately, when applicable – to avoid possible petty pilferage in Southampton. We also clear cars through customs immediately upon arrival to UK and arrange prompt collection. In this way, we ensure cars and their valuable accessories are kept safely.

Newera Imports source the very best Japanese cars available throughout Japan and supply from stock. We can also source cars to order.  When cars cost less than anticipated, our clients make the full corresponding saving.

What happens if I change my mind, and request for the deposit to be refunded?

A: The deposit is simply there as security that you’ll pay for the car you asked for, once it has been bought & reserved for you. Provided the car has not already been purchased when our office in Tokyo is made aware of your decision, your order can be cancelled and regardless of groundwork done, your deposit will be returned – less minor admin costs.
If we have bought a car with you in mind that can be kept as stock, we will usually keep it and refund your deposit in full. We are committed to customer delight, not primarily generating a profit for the sake of it.

Do cars in Japan have a written service history?

Service histories are kept on database with dealers in Japan, rather than on paper. For this reason, for example when we take our cars in Japan to a local dealer, he knows what was last done to it, when, where, what's due, etc. They even know the registered keeper’s address in case there's a reason to contact, such as for recall.
In our experience, we have asked to stamp the service books when having our own cars worked on in Japanese Official dealers. They did not stamp the book and explained as above. 
It's true some cars come with service books, but these will only have the delivery date and first check documented. What some owners do - is keep is the "Shaken" certificates for each time the car passed the bi-annual test. Some people in UK confuse this with service history - easily done, as it shows a whole lot of checks with ticks and of course it's in Japanese. 
In our experience, it's very rare for a car to come with lots of receipts etc. Service histories are available only to registered keepers of vehicles, dealers and authorized companies, such as auctions - for example. It's through this history that auctions are also able to verify a car's original mileage. It may be interesting to know that oil changes are recommended every 3,000 - 4,000 km in Japan. The Japanese, being the rule abiding people they generally are, especially those who care about their cars - do have oil changes done regularly. This is perhaps the reason why most cars we inspect at auctions have very clean oil and rarely black stuff - as seen on cars in UK with longer oil change intervals. When a car has a service book with it, we send it to the customer.

Do note that we verify mileages from auction sheets and a picture of the odometer shortly after purchase. You can also verify mileage of the car yourself through BIMTA (See Links).

If there is a small scratch on the car, or a part needs replacing, what's happens?

A: Browns Car Sales is able to obtain high quality body-work, and repairing scratches or minor damage as part of full preparation included in each car’s OTR price from Newera. Where desired, we can supply OEM & performance parts to complete a car – from Japan and send to UK for fitting by our appointed workshop. Please remember - with our cars, paintwork is carried out within the OTR price. Tyres and other visible expenses are costed into the OTR price of a car unless specifically left out for the customer to make a choice on. Our descriptions are the most comprehensive in the business!

As the car is about to arrive in the UK, what happens next.

A: Once you have paid for the car’s costs in Japan, documents are sent from Yamagin Corp. to our UK office. You’ll pay your final installment shortly before the car arrives to the UK. Around 1 week before the vessel’s arrival, the documents for your car are then processed through UK Customs Clearance procedures, and shortly after arrival the car is transported to Brown’s Car Sales facilities for UK conversions, etc.

And when the car arrives to the workshop, what happens then?

A: The car is transported to contracted workshop facilities of www.rktuning.com, easily accessible by car or train - in Benfleet, Essex. From there, the workshop staff will be in contact with you to look after any specific requests you may have such as private plate, etc. At RK tuning, your car is UK modified, MOT'd, SVA'd, and UK registered, taxed and tested.
Any other work required for the car - as detailed on the original description is also carried out, such as paintwork, tyre replacement, etc. and finally valeted so the car is presented to our usual high standards. As soon as the car is registered, you can collect it.

Will the conversions carried out include de-limiting the top speed attainable, fitting a fog light properly, Converting the speedometer and odometer to run in miles and other proper conversions?

A: Calculations for total budget include budget for SVA specification conversions, which includes fitting delimiter, making the odometer work in Miles, as well as re-calibration of the odometer, fitting an SVA approved fog light, radio waveband expander, etc. Some customers want their foglights to be fitted into the existing rear light cluster, by disabling a brake light. This is technically a failure for SVA tests – so we have to fit an uglier hanging light, although Newera Developments can move the foglight to the rear light cluster or alternative, at the customer’s request for a small additional charge of around £20 - £30.
For each particular car & model there are temporary modifications which may need to be completed to pass SVA. These are included in the work done on your car in preparation.

What happens if a fault is found once the car has arrived, which was not budgeted for as part of the OTR cost?

A: In each case, we examine the situation. We road test each car for every small conceivable fault before writing the original description. If there’s a fault, serious – or not we ought to have known about – Newera takes full responsibility. This is rare, however – as cars are rigorously checked before & after purchase. We have in the past replaced a faulty turbo or slipping clutch without any quibbles. Customer delight is our goal.
We won’t “Drop you in it”; though by the same token, we don’t expect clients to abuse our integrity.

Do you sell your cars with a warranty?

Yes, of course. We offer our own warranty, for a period of 90 days from date of collection. Most things except wear and tear or abuse are covered. As we will only select the best quality and prepare each and every vehicle to the standards we would want for ourselves, the cars we supply are generally reliable & trouble free.

If I want an alarm, tracker or other accessories, can you arrange these?

Brown’s offers under sealing, Qualified Alarm & Tracker fitment and any other requirements you may have – at fair prices!

What happens in the unlikely event I don't like my car, when I see it?

A: In all of the years of operating this business, this has only happened on very rare occasions so far with well over 2,000 cars supplied (And regretted in each case by the customer when he could not subsequently find a better car). Our clients are usually delighted, sometimes only satisfied, but never unhappy with the car we source for them. Remember, we only make £900 on each car, so more can be spent on getting an excellent car. This is clearly visible not only in the cars we supply, but the ever increasing number of recommendations people find about Newera Imports on the internet, car clubs, etc. Cars are also fully and very accurately described, so the customer is aware of exactly what he is buying.

Do you supply performance parts?

Yes - we can supply parts to fit to your before shipping, or after - which saves you money. We can also sometimes find rare and discontinued parts, which are otherwise unobtainable. Note that www.neweraparts.com is a separate entity, working alongside Newera Imports.

Do you source cars from dealers throughout Japan?

Japan is a large country with high costs of transport, so it's not really feasible for us to travel through the country to inspect possible cars, not least because not all will be as described. It's far better in our experience - to source cars from the same place the dealerships purchase their stock and make the corresponding saving.

When would be a good time to call you if I'd like to discuss a possible car with you?

Bearing in mind the time-zone differences between UK & Japan, we answer the phones early am – 1pm UK time MON – FRI. If closed, there is an answering service both in the UK & Japan.

Newera Imports is a business run with huge passion & knowledge for Japanese cars and resultant professionalism in how we work. We feel this is the way a car supply business should be operated, with a conscious emphasis on service and informative direct customer contact throughout the supply process. We do this in combination with only sourcing the cars we’d be delighted to own ourselves.

Since 1998 many customers have embraced our system & fully experienced the benefits of having their car sourced directly by Newera in Japan. We hope that you too will enjoy the Newera Difference and therein choose us to supply your own specially selected Japanese Car.