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205 GTi 1.9 - Phase 1.5. 100% rust free since new. Stunning example direct from Japan.  

Basic info
Registration date: 1989,
Chassis #: VF320CDK201968223
Kilometers: 108244km
Color: Silver Metallic
OTR Price: £21795
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Detailed description:

The 205 1.9 GTi needs no introduction to anybody who was a car enthusiast in the 1980's & 90's in Europe. Back then, magazines all held this little Peugeot in the highest regard for it's immensely entertaining handling abilities whilst being able to provide fast progress from A to B. Never a dull journey. Despite being a small car, it's design meant it was practical to use, whilst being attractive to look at. In hot hatch terms this was the truest legend, which has never since been bettered by Peugeot, despite 5 or more subsequent attempts.... after the 205's iconic greatness, it has always been easy to forget nostalgic interests in it's younger siblings by comparison. Weighing only 880kg & being of small design with a well designed chassis meant the 205 1.9 GTi was and still remains one of the best-handling hot hatches ever built.

Watch Autocar road test of the legendary 205 1.9 GTi - to see what they had to say about it's qualities. See also Motors comparison between 205 & 208 GTi 

Having been enthusiasts for these hot hatches ourselves back in the 80's & 90's, we've since taken a keen interest during the few occasions when top condition examples of iconic European hot hatches have come up in Japan; which is always a rare occasion since so few of such cars were actually supplied new in Japan. Until recently, these cars had always been too expensive to import from Japan back to Europe, but as we see well kept original examples sharply increasing in value & desirability in UK & beyond now, we have begun to look at these cars more seriously when they do come up for sale, being prepared to invest what it takes to secure the very best examples we could obtain from Japan. In truth we've been searching for good 205 GTi 1.9's here for over 3 years and this is only the 3rd example that inspired us to make sure we obtained it for Newera's stock when we came across it, despite already having the other Sorrento green example in stock. We know how rare these are...

To explain this original 205's total rust free condition it's important to understand that in Japan, all roads are drained of water through the use of efficient concrete storm ditches (there are heavy rains at times from typhoons and Japan is 70% mountain terrain with forest, so safety is absolutely paramount). This means there is no mud & debris washed onto roads during storms, unlike what is commonly seen in Europe. Roads in Japan are also probably the best maintained worldwide, without potholes, mostly smooth surfaces with good grip, etc. Japan is also the country with the largest network of roads in the world for a given area.

No salt, grit or sand is laid on surfaces over winters in the most populated areas, as urban towns & cities are invariably built on lower plains, due to risk of earthquakes and consequential landslides that would be risked if building on mountain areas. Because roads are well designed and maintained in Japan, this means undersides of Japanese cars don't get covered in electrolytic dirt and so when the underside gets wet in rain corrosion is much less likely to develop. Essentially the cars are washed by clean rain in Japan if they get wet and explains why cars used in Japan are typically completely rust free, including their clean undersides and all components. By contrast if you feel the inner arch of a car that's been on British roads for a decade or more, it will have corrugated dirt built up inside, which is electrolytic when wet and therefore corrosive. Corrosion to these Peugeots was common in much of Europe, where they were road driven on typically much harsher roads than found in Japan.

Most 205 1.9 GTi's supplied in Japan were LHD. This is because since WW2 (Until the late 70's Japan wasn't known for manufacturing high quality prestige or Sports cars) LHD cars in Japan have been considered status symbols. This also explains why virtually all the imported sports & prestige cars in Japan remain LHD today.

As such this 205 GTi 1.9 represents a unique opportunity for a discerning collector who isn't phased by the car being LHD, if intending to use it in the UK. This This car is equipped with (very rare) factory fitted air conditioning, aside from the usual extras fitted to these such as sunroof, etc.

This particular example has had just two owners since new. Following our usual attention to detail with every aspect it's not only in perfect mechanical health, starting instantly and settling down to a steady idle after it's warm-up, good tight gearbox with no synchromesh wear problems, chassis with  ZERO rust (since new!), unmarked wheels and an excellent unmarked interior. Note tyres are new also. It has also been treated to full service inclusive of brakes & all engine service items (ignition included) and is presented in perfect order ready for daily use, should the new owner want to put it to such tasks (Hopefully not, would be a shame to waste an example like this with all year use!). It's of standard specification, aside from the rear parcel shelf, which has been replaced with a professionally made strong alternative. In order to offer a complete package, we've also included an original 205 GTi parcel shelf - see pictures.
A Clarion CD/USB/Radio has been professionally installed.

There is proof of original mileage from the shaken certificate, we will supply a scan of the original with the car on completion, so that paperwork can continue to tie in with onward ownership & care with this car's new owner in the UK.
Service history is also included.

Exterior & Interior Condition Report: In keeping with the history of it's life in Japan this example, although rust proofed as new from the factory, has no corrosion at all to the underside. Even the exhaust is still rust free. The fuel pump, although original still has original nickel plating on hose fittings, factory black paint on brackets, etc. The wheels have no bubbles of corrosion beneath the surface and are unmarked. Tyres are new Toyo DRB 185/55R15. The plastics are in excellent condition, inclusive of bumper corners & arches, mirrors, etc. The bodywork shows this car's been well loved and cared for. The Silver metallic paint is flawless throughout - with a beautiful reflective finish, as shown in pictures.

Interior is similarly beautiful & stunningly well kept. The half leather & cloth interior has no fading or holes and bolsters are also in good condition. Interior condition is amongst the very best of what we have typically seen in 205's in Japan, yet alone Europe, where mileages tend to be a lot higher. Carpets are original and without staining and as with the exterior & all the plastics are well preserved too. The electrics all work perfectly. This has been a non-smoker's car and it would appear the cigar lighter has never been used either.
There's some minor wear to the seat bolster on the driver's side. Having an excellent specialist trimmer near us in the UK, this seat will be taken to them whilst this 205 awaits registration by the DVLA, so presentation inside is returned to best possible levels for the new owner.
We didn't like the fitted mats that came with this car so we ordered a brand new custom fitted set, complete with "205 GTi" on the front mats. The original rubber pedal covers have been replaced with a set of Sparco alloy pedal covers. Aside from this, it's of completely standard original spec. Note this car has factory fitted air conditioning which of course blows refreshingly cool.

Comparing this to a 205 GTi 1.9 that's been on European roads all of it's life would be a mistake. This Japanese example has never seen salt, grit, sand or other corrosives to it's underside, which makes it's condition inclusive of the underside something unique (See underside pictures).
By contrast almost all of the higher valued 205 GTi's in Europe will have likely already have had restoration work (aside from possibly the lowest mileage unicorns), with rust repairs that may not be now visible, but likely to return over time. 
Having only been driven since new on Japan's smooth & impeccably maintained roads combined with low genuine mileage this example's got much less wear to chassis and other mechanical components too. Note: Whilst the car's in Japan it's still got the space saver (JDM models were fitted with these). We feel it looks better with a Speedline alloy, when looking at the car from behind, so it'll get a replacement, same as the other 4, once it arrives to the UK for final preparation & UK first registration).

Road Test: The engine starts perfectly and settles down to a steady idle from cold, with good strong oil pressure. With typically frequent Japanese oil change intervals, it has no mechanical wear. Gearbox shows no wear to synchromesh, as to be expected of a car of this low original mileage. Performance is good, as to be expected from a car this light, but most notable is the enthusiasm with which this car can be thrown into corners. It feels small because it is, yet the interior isn't cramped at all. The factory slidable sunroof's pneumatic seal works perfectly of course. In essence, this car has a tight original feel, that confirms it's low mileage and well cared for life.

UK (on the road ) package includes all costs such as full inspection and service, professional quality detailing & protection to paintwork and new MOT (required for registration) with UK comprehensive warranty.

Currently safely stored at our facilities in Japan, this car would be shipped to Leicestershire (With our partners JT Auto classics) for completion once it's reserved by its new owner. We are certain the first serious person will fall in love with it, just as we have. Judging by how fast our previous red example sold and how prices continue to rise for genuinely special examples, we will be surprised if this one is not reserved within a short space of time, being of top condition & low mileage and better than the previous 205 we sold at the end of 2015.

For the discerning collector who can tell the difference between the average examples for sale in the UK & on the continent & the rare truly first class, such as this example - the future owner for this limited edition 2.5 GTi 1.9 will realise this is something absolutely unique and not to be missed, whilst prices are still affordable. We expect these to continue to appreciate at least 20% p.a. going forward. 

Supplied fully road registered in the UK, complete with 12 months MOT and a comprehensive UK warranty.

Price: 21,795

Note: We are able to arrange safe & fully insured professional delivery to Europe & worldwide. Viewing is welcome by prior appointment.

Contact us for further details on how to reserve.

Newera Imports - Established 1998. Premier source of the best hand picked specialist cars from Japan. As recommended by Import magazines, car clubs and enthusiast owners. 

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