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Impreza Type R STi V-Limited V6 Spec. Low Original Mileage. Stunning - Best Available by Far. 

Basic info
Registration date: 1998,
Chassis #: GC8-068560
Kilometers: 67331km
Color: Sonic Blue Metallic (74F)
OTR Price: £24895
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Detailed description:

The Subaru Technica International Type R is THE most interesting and sought after of the classic shape Imprezas. The classic coupe is the connoisseur`s Impreza - finely honed for maximum performance and capability, this is the most impressive of the breed. STi Version 6 Type R denotes this is a lightweight competition spec. 2 door model. This version 6 model was only made for the Japanese market, with the UK P1 model sold in the U.K. during the same period, but of lesser spec. Version 6 was the very last of the breed, only sold in small numbers in Japan. It's now a collector's piece here, with examples such as this completely corrosion free example being particularly sought after.
Today, to import a genuine STi 6 Type R V-Limited in this condition and mileage to U.K., would cost roughly what red Tommi Makkinens are now making, realistically speaking. A lot more than this example is offered at, in other words.

The STi 4 Type R (upon which this car was based) is essentially mechanically the same as the STi 6 Type R.
From 1997 to 2000, the STi Type R coupe models were of the best specification of all & were built & supplied exclusively to the Japanese domestic market. The Japanese know a good thing & we have continuously watched values rise steadily, especially over the last 3-4 years as modern replacements have become less exciting with more weight & nannying electronics. Naturally, as domestic demand for high-quality well-preserved examples outstrips supply, these coupes have strengthened in price in Japan by over 100% over the last 2 years (All classic STi Imprezas have, the later & more exclusive, the higher their values are climbing, with the nearly mechanically identical 22B already at unreachable stratospheric values).

Note that the STi Type R, whilst the equivalent of the P1 model official sold in the UK, is actually better in the real world. Bear in mind that the U.K. supplied cars will have been through roughly 20 years of use on roads there, they've all suffered from the ravages of road conditions and being exposed to the electrolytic salts and moisture retentive mud, sand and grit that cause such cars to rust. In comparison, even a collector customer’s low mileage U.K P1 we inspected after he’d unknowingly purchased it, turned out to be riddled with corrosion lurking beneath & in the engine bay.
Whilst mechanically & externally they're the same, interior wise, the P1 carried over the STi 3's dashboard and other features, whilst the Japanese examples were updated with each passing year. To any clued-up enthusiast wanting the best, a UK P1 would usually be a poor substitute for what can be possible with this low mileage example, direct from Japan.
It's clear this is one of the finest enthusiast owned examples we've come across in recent years here in Japan. The condition is outstanding, due to the care & attention the previous keeper lavished on it, but not least it's a rust-free car since new, with very low original mileage.

As is usual with all of the Imprezas we check in Japan, with most now around 20 years of age - it's not unusual for original paintwork to have begun to oxidise, but with such low original mileage & rust free condition, we can see that the previous owner wanted to preserve & restore it and make an STi 6 V-Limited Spec. car:
So it was fully stripped down, all parking dents carefully removed & paintwork restored, inclusive of the door shuts and removing all trim, which was restored / replaced with new too, in addition to all-new STi original decals pertinent to the Sti 6 V-Limited.
Whilst this work was being done, an original STi V-Limited roof vent, Sti 6 front bumper & lip spoiler, Sti 6 (replica) rear spoiler, STi 6 headlights (crystal glass type only fitted to the last cars in production as standard), V-Limited WRC seats in good condition and even an original V-Limited plaque for the centre console were sourced. With original STi RAYS RE-B51 17" alloys fitted, the car now became indistinguishable from an original STi 6 V-Limited in looks, or of course one's original factory performance figures. In doing this, the owner ingeniously created an STi 6 V-Limited Spec. car, which didn't need to cost him what a pukka one would. 

Being Impreza fans and knowing them well we bought this car, because it's as sound an investment as we could ever hope to find affordably for the future owner. 
The conversion work has been done to first class standard and it shows:

Standard Specification: The engine is a red top EJ20 unit - factory blue-printed & endowed with stronger internals with a higher 8,000 rpm rev limit. As factory original, there are Auto & manual controls for water jets to the intercooler. The steering rack is quick geared for less turns from lock to lock, as engineered by Subaru Technica International. 4-Piston signature front brake calipers give excellent braking performance, as required of car with this level of performance & cornering ability. The gearbox is a close-ratio unit with an adjustable centre differential, geared for maximum speed of 155 mph at the red line. The electronically adjustable centre differential allows any range between a fully locked (For very slippery conditions such as snow) all the way to 70% rear and 30% front bias allowing under-steer to be dialed out and for power oversteer to be supplied as required. The STi Type R V-Limited is also distinguishable by it's updated vented bonnet, facelift front bumper & indicators, crystal headlights, light green tint on windows, large rear spoiler & updated red and white rear lights in combination with blue V-Limited WRC commemorative seats, roof vent & center console with limited edition plaque.
Further improvements from Subaru includes STi carbon fibre front strut brace and privacy (rear) glass The interior is also of a more modern design than previous versions, with white-faced instruments as standard, updated air conditioning control & a Momo SRS steering wheel. Note that creature comforts are included such as A/C, electric colour coded mirrors with electric retract mode, rear wiper, side visors, central locking, power windows, power steering, fitted floor mats, privacy glass in the rear and more..
Whilst preparing this car we felt it would benefit from clear side repeaters and so new replacements were fitted, with originals kept just in case the new owner prefers them.

Performance Upgrades: This Type R Impreza's been finely tuned for enhanced performance primarily on the street whilst keeping a focus on usability, handling and giving the car an improvement in response & power all the while maintaining reliability. Exhaust is a 5 Zigen Pro Racer ZZ, which is sporty, yet not excessively noisy. A Blitz Dual Drive blow off valve is neatly fitted to the intercooler. An Apexi SAFC is fitted, but no settings have been made (runs standard factory map in other words). The suspension has thoughtfully been kept sensible with use of Kayaba coilovers (Sports road-use spring rates). Wheels are genuine & rare STi  RE-B51 model of 17" size, produced specially by RAYS  - genuine mono-block forged alloy. These are secured by Project Mu 7-sided security wheel nuts. Sports tyres fitted are approximately half worn & of size: 225/45R17.
Audio has been upgraded with a Carrozzeria FH580 200W head unit, which has CD & iPhone / smartphone USB compatibility.

Engine & Transmission: Red topped engines from this era were largely hand-built by Subaru Technica International, to provide a factory balanced and blue-printed quality that could withstand the rigors of 280 bhp & 260 ft.lb being summoned day after day, by enthusiastic owners. On these Type R 2 door models, the centre differential was adjustable, allowing the driver to select up to 70% of drive to be fed to the rear wheels. This enabled understeer to be dialled out and in return, some oversteer to be introduced, to help with cornering even quicker than the lesser enhanced examples from STi. Note also the gear ratios were closely stacked, which gave a more urgent and competition feel to the drivetrain.  

Test drive:
Mechanically and cosmetically, this Impreza STi Type R V-Limited  is in outstanding condition. Test driving this example revealed no faults at all. It accelerates better than a standard 4-door STi (Which is no slouch itself!). Retaining the standard turbo, boost climbs quickly to peak and pulls strongly. No noisy hydraulic valve buckets is indicative this car`s oil has been regularly changed. The timing belt was also changed less than 25,000km ago.
Oil is still near new from a recent major service. Brake discs are in excellent condition too and exhibit very improved power over standard. Ride is firm and progressive and has virtually no body roll at all. Clutch feels like near new too. This is a seriously fun car to drive. Note: If there would be something you'd like changed on this car, prior to shipment from Japan, that's something Newera is able to offer through our own in house facilities. Ask!

Interior: This has been a non-smoker's car since new and clearly the previous owner in Japan too fastidious care of it. There are no faults at all to report. There's normal wear & tear to the floor mats, but not being original Subaru option items, we'd recommend fitting a new pair of "Prodrive" floor mats. which we can obtain new & inexpensively.
Blue commemorative V-Limited seats are in excellent original condition. This has been a non-smoker's car since new and clearly the previous owner in Japan too fastidious care of it. There are no faults at all to report. There's normal wear & tear to the floor mats, but not being original Subaru option items, we'd recommend fitting a new pair of fitted "Prodrive" floor mats. which we can obtain new & inexpensively.

Exterior: Note the total absence of rust at all beneath, nor any oil leaks, etc. Also, wheels are in excellent original condition with only minor scratches to the edges of two (See pictures).
As it's been restored, the bodywork is excellent and blemish free. No aged paint, no pin dents and no other signs of ageing as is usual with other examples of these cars.
This example is well above the quality you'll typically find in a UK car, or one imported previously, as those will be suffering from rusty undersides, abuse, accident damage, worn or previously damaged engines, etc. as well as usual neglect typically found in the U.K.

This example is well above the quality you'll typically find in a UK car, or one imported previously, as those will be suffering from rusty undersides, abuse, accident damage, worn or previously damaged engines, etc. as well as usual neglect typically found in UK. Newera Imports simply won't buy a car that doesn't meet our exacting standards, which is why we selected this outstanding example for stock. This Type R STi Version 6 Spec. is an outstanding example in every respect and one of the best we've ever offered and is a car that can only continue to rise in value as time goes on.

A very rare spec Impreza STi Type R of Version 6 Spec. Inclusive of new MOT, Full UK registration, comprehensive warranty & full detailing just before collection, this modern classic Impreza Type R V-Limited STi 6 Spec. is offered at £24,895.

Currently located in our storage facility in Japan, it's ready to ship to UK, or to any other country. A deposit of £1,000 secures this Impreza for prompt shipment.

Contact us for full information on how to reserve this Sti Type R. If enquiring from outside of the UK, ask about our FOB Package.

Newera Imports - As recommended widely by Facebook & Online Forum members, UK tuners and Magazines as the no. 1 supplier of the best quality imported cars.

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