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Skyline R32 GT-R - A Stunning Example Throughout. Sourced to Order. 

Basic info
Registration date: 1992,
Chassis #: BNR32-222300
Kilometers: 104237km
Color: White (326)
OTR Price: £20000
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Detailed description:

*** Reserved ***

Through our extensive experience sourcing these we've begun predicting where Skyline R32 GT-R prices would go as we've sadly been seeing the best examples becoming more scarce, causing the market to pay increasingly higher prices in Japan & making it very difficult to buy replacement stock. It's a no-brainer that prices in other countries will continue their current upward trend too. The R32 GT-R is a playstation generation cult car and was built by Nissan to show off what it was capable of during the Japanese bubble economy and has become a legend, sold only in Japan with a sprinkling of examples in Australia officially. Many are now dead from neglect, abuse and poor quality modifications so there are few really nice examples left, even in Japan.

A returning customer wanted another Skyline GT-R to replace one we'd supplied and he'd sold year ago, so he challenged us to find something on a limited budget of 20,000. This meant we'd need to find a car needing some work, but we searched and let our contacts know we were after a good 32. This is the example we got (Customer supplied with pictures throughout the entire process - not shown here). It came with some 17" Advan RS wheels, but we gave the customer the option of having AVS T5's with new tyres on, that we had in stock. We went over the entire car, finding the smallest faults and corrected them. Interior came as is, but we added Nismo floor mats and fitted a re-finished original steering wheel. We also put in a Nismo Duracon shift knob. On 32's all have degrading to the B-C pilar trims which come apart, so we replaced with new ones. Mechanically it was perfect, but missing a coilpack cover, so we sourced a 34 one used, repainted and fitted with new bolts. Fitted a Nismo oil filler cap and an uprated rad cap too. The customer asked to see the underside - so, as we were changing wheels anyways, whilst detailing the car we washed the arches and suspension to see it's condition. We know 32's well enough to pick good ones only - and this one is no exception. It's been beautifully preserved. Naturally over 24 years of life the exterior had a few blemishes, but our dent specialist took all the dents out and where there was a fault in the paint, we had it corrected - including (removing first) painting front & rear spoilers, mirrors, door, etc. The results speak for themselves. To finish, we completely detailed the car as if it were our own. 
Performance Upgrades: This example has not been modified for a lot more power than standard. Around 320 bhp comes a ROM tuned ECU from "Grand Slam March II". An M's induction kit is fitted (Washable filters). An Apexi front pipe combines with an HKS Silent Hi-Power muffler (Rear silencer is stainless 304). Coilpacks are by Splitfire. A Greddy oil cooler with remote filter and Koyo Dual Core Aluminium radiator keep the engine running cool. Nismo oil filler & uprated radiator cap are also fitted.

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension: Wheels are AVS Model T5 of 18 x 9.0J size. Offset it around 15 (No marking on the wheel to give offset, but these were previously on an R33 GT-R. Standard wheel nuts with original locking nuts are used - Need a slim 21mm socket, not an impact type - Locking socket is stored in the centre console box). Suspension consists of Section - Japan Spec R coilovers. A brand we've not come across before, but coilover construction is good. Also tested the damping and it works fine (Currently set to medium damping for both front & rear). A Cusco front strut brace is fitted at the front and there are near new Nismo upper arms fitted. Brake discs are all uprated - being cross drilled. They don't appear to have had much hard use at all. It's of our opinion this car was driven hard at all by its previous owner.

Cosmetic & Interior Upgrades: Note the genuine original option Nismo bumper ducts. Aside from this and removal of the original rear wiper (by previous owner) - the body's all original spec.
The previous owner had the interior re-trimmed, complete with replacement shift & side-brake boots. A Nismo 320 km/h speedo is fitted. Original leather steering wheel has been re-finished to as new condition and a Nismo Duracon shift knob put in place of the Momo that came with the car. As usual with all of the Skyline GT-R's we supply, this car has also been treated to a new set of Nismo floor mats. The previous owner upgraded the original hifi to a Pioneer (Carrozzeria) 180W USB compatible head unit, together with uprated speakers at each corner. A Carrozzeria integrated sub woofer is also fitted. Note that being used - audio is untested and without guarantee.

Standard equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, Remote controlled mirrors, Privacy rear glass, etc. The engine bay, interior, carpets, indicator stalk, pedal rubbers, etc.- all indicate low wear and no abuse.
This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. There's Japanese service history and other original booklets, etc.

Condition report: We found only minor (cosmetic) faults. As always, we prefer to detail everything we know, no matter how minor, so the future owner will have an accurate report on the car's condition. Paintwork is now stunning throughout the car. There's a couple of small micro-cracked areas on the rear bumper, where it's nudged something. Only really visible when looking closely though. The electric mirrors both work, but the passenger side doesn't fold in electrically (To repair would require replacing the entire mirror - it's a worn mechanism).
There's a couple of small marks on the wheels, but they're virtually like new. Tyres are a bit oversized on our opinion, perhaps 245/40R18's would give a little more clearance. The rear sits a little too low, so adjustment (helps weight transfer to the front which aids grip forward) would be advised - although we found no problems with how it rides. Inside, the dash has some bubbling as is common on 32's. The 3 central gauges were working properly till we dismantled them to restore the needles, but something went wrong and they're not displaying correctly - so a replacement in good condition will be substituted before completion.

Engine & Test Drive: After careful warming and extensive checks we took this car out to test & can confirm it drives very well. It's got good smooth power and all signs of a well maintained car. Engine has no signs of wear, it's super smooth too. Oil pressure is a healthy 4 bar at idle when cold, or 2 bar when warm.
The clutch  feels as if it's got plenty of life & the gearbox is notably smooth and lacking in any of the often found signs of synchromesh wear found on these cars. Suspension is smooth and compliant and the brakes smooth & drama free. We found no faults to report at all. Car pulls strongly from just under 3,000 rpm with power climbing smoothly all the way through the power range and is making approximately 320 bhp. The tightness of it's feel, lack of stone chips and care / money lavished on it suggests this car was used as a weekend toy and has never been on a circuit.

It takes us months of daily searching and rejecting many cars, till we find rare gems like these. Supplies of good 32's at affordable prices are drying up fast now & prices of top Skyline R32 GT-R's in Japan are continuously strengthening. As such our prices will be forced to continue to rise going forward, in line with having to pay increasingly more for top condition replacement stock. These cars are now firmly on collector's car category and will continue to appreciate.

UK OTR Price: 20,000.  incl. valeting and new MOT (required for registration) &12 months comprehensive warranty.

Contact us for further details on how to have us source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R, similar to this.

Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R & Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's since 1998.

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