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MR2 GT-S Turbo Revision 4 - Rare Model in Stunning Condition.  

Basic info
Registration date: 1995,
Chassis #: SW20-0102923
Kilometers: 95002km
Color: White (040)
OTR Price: £9895
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Detailed description:


This is nowadays an extremely rare Revision-4 GT-S T-Bar Turbo MR2.
They're very rare and difficult to source in beautiful condition like this, nowadays and have already become sought after & collectable in Japan. With 1990's iconic sports cars continuing to rocket in value, as the only mid-engine Turbocharged sports car from Japan from that era, it stands to reason these will continue to become increasingly collectable in Europe and elsewhere.

After having sold our last MR2 in stock earlier last year, we have been on the lookout for an MR2 to fill a customer order. This one wasn't specifically within the customer's criteria, but as the specification of this example is the best weve seen in a very long time, not just for after-market top quality improvements throughout but also its rare specification, we bought it for stock.

History of this model: The MR2 turbo was made from 1989 onwards for the Japanese market (and for a short period also sold it in limited numbers in the US), whilst the rest of the world had to make do with normally aspirated versions only! In 1994 Toyota introduced the Revision 3 turbo model in Japan.
For the JDM market the Rev 3 models on were fitted with a more powerful version of their 3S GT-E turbo engine giving 245 bhp as standard. Further revisions also brought uprated suspension for greater grip and safety at high speeds, uprated interior trim, as well as newer larger sized wheels, plus of course new fresh colours. With these changes the MR2 became a better car - which is still in strong demand by enthusiasts both in Japan and UK, etc.
The Revision 3 model is very similar to the subsequent Rev 4 & 5, where externally the side repeaters are on the front bumper corners on the 3, but closer to the A-pilar on later models. Also the rear spoiler was updated on the last revision.
Original wheel designs differed and inside there were some trim differences too, depending on model designation - but mechanically the 3, 4 & 5 models were essentially identical.  

Mild Modifications: This MR2 has received some mild upgrades: Inside there's an Apexi turbo timer and a TRD speedometer. Steering wheel and boss have been upgraded and there's a Momo Race wheel as well as a Razo alloy shift knob. For mild performance improvement there's a Fujitsubo Legalis R twin exit exhaust.
Air intake is also uprated with a oiled mesh filter. Wheels are 17" Wedsports RS-5, stagered in size and wearing near new sports tyres of size 215/40-ZR17 (Front) and 235/40-ZR17 (Rear) with Project Mu 7-sided (locking) wheel nuts.
There's also a set of Cusco strut braces front & rear. The differential is an after market LSD, to add improved traction over standard.
With regard to the body, the original rev 4. rear spoiler has been replaced with a genuine Rev 5 upgrade as well as clear front & side repeaters. A Clarion 2 DIN 200W CD/MD/Radio unit is fitted.
Please note - if desired, we are able to supply engine tuning parts, the latest wheels, Bride seats, , air cleaners, bodykits, etc. for this model. Please see www.neweraparts.com for more details.
Interior Condition: Seats are unworn and this has been a non-smoker's car. There are no faults to report with the interior. except center vents on the dash console which are broken. We have ordered replacements which will be fitted to the car before completion. 

Exterior Condition: This MR2's clearly been outstandingly well cherished. Looking carefully around the car we noticed only the following minor faults: There's a small pin dent on the bonnet. A touched-in scratch on the n/s/f wing. The n/s quarter panel has been repainted, but the match isn't perfect and blend marks are visible on the B pilar. The rear bumper has some stress fractures on the paint surface. These have all been photographed but are hard to show on white paint (which is very reflective). In any case they're to be repaired before completion, but mentioned herewith to give a complete report.  For a car of 20 years, these faults are to be expected, but will be repaired to a high standard so the car is presented to our usual high standards of quality. There are a couple of stone chips on the bonnet, which will also be carefully touched in.

Test Drive: Signs show of this MR2 having been regularly serviced. Oil is relatively new - clearly this car wasn't driven hard - judging by the fact the brake discs still look lightly worn and the car's bodywork in such amazing condition. We test drove this car and found it to be very healthy, giving good strong power throughout the rev range. Driving out of our yard, which is quite bumpy, we noted that there were no rattles and squeaks to be heard from the body, although the ride was quite hard when driving on the open road and the differential's preload set for sports use, the car felt tight and unused. Brakes pulled the car up well with no signs of warpage, as is often common on older cars. Clutch has plenty of bite remaining. Felt very smooth. Handles great too!
Spec. like this is very sought after, so an example such as this is expected to appreciate significantly.

OTR price: 9,895 includes full UK registration, new MOT & comprehensive 12 month warranty. Currently held in our stock in Japan this car is ready to ship and can be secured with a deposit of 1,000. For enquiries where the car is to be shipped directly to a country other than UK please ask about our FOB package.

Contact us to secure this example from our stock or source an alternative top condition quality MR2 to order.

Newera Imports - Established 1998. Premier source of the best hand picked specialist cars from Japan. As recommended by Import magazines, car clubs and enthusiast owners. 

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